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I visited Bluegreen Resorts in Virginia. The sales reps there are so unprofessional. I overheard their conversation of how they got drunk the night before. My sells rep smelled of alcohol. My wife couldn't hardly speak to her. Maybe Bluegreen needs to look into who they are hiring.

It seems as if Bluegreen gets there sales staff off the street. They have no education and are money hungry. Therefore, they will do anything to make money.

If we as consumers are going to pay bluegreen the big money they require for their services maybe they need to upgrade their sales staff.

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China Spring, Texas, United States #21511

And the sales reps get a boat load of money for what they do too! Just thought I would give you an inside look!

Then me one that doesn't drink AT ALL quits with a three week notice and I get black out from working there again. My husband works there now for way less then living wage and he is the only night time guy!

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