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We purchased 15,000 points in 2003. At that time our maintenance fee was $250. Now it is $965. Reservations are nearly impossible to make. Have never been able to get when we needed it. Always compromise on dates. Sometimes leaving family members behind because dates cannot be had. Even at 11 months. When we first purchased, the reservation time was six months, not 11.

So as you can see, the rules constantly change, getting more unattainable and unaffordable with each passing year. The quality of the management has gone down as well. There never seem to be enough people to help you when you need it. For example, at one of the Myrtle Beach resorts, we (my family consisting of husband wife and two small children!)were witness to a fight (honest to goodness fist fight) at the pool between adults who were intoxicated. Everyone was trying to get away. The employees were the FIRST ones to leave! They just completely disappeared. The police finally arrived and made a few arrests, left the property and then slowly the employees began to reappear. When I asked them why they all left instead of trying to see to the safety of their guests, they said their protocol was to get themselves to safety.

Never stay on the top floor. Usually only one elevator per building is working at a time. The wait can be intolerable and several small children are impossible to carry up the stairs at one time. The first two floors usually have an odor that is musty and can cause allergies to flare up. The bed sheets are so thin they look like netting. At least three different times I can recall that the heater on the pools were broken, or the hot tub was closed while parts were being ordered. I could go on and on...

Well, that is just typical of customer service with this company. Do your research! You can call any company that sells timeshares and rent more economically than you can buy!

We finally put our 15,000 points up for sale today. We can only hope it sells quickly. We are looking forward to losing this albatross around our necks. Private rentals of homes seem to be the way to go. Much less hassle and more relaxing, and even though they can be expensive, Bluegreen will be more in the long run.

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"You have to know how to use the program to reap the benefits. Like with anything else, you cannot expect to get the resort you want when you book a month or so in advance." --- WHAT A LOAD OF ***.

If they told the public that at sales presentations no one would by this from this $hyt company. The owners book CLEARLY say that you can stay "When you want, where your want". When I purchased my plan that was my #1 objection I voice over and over. They told me point blank while pointing to the pretty pictures that as long as I called at least 30 days out I could book time and vacation "When you want, where your want".

NO ONE BUYS INTO A "SYSTEM". They buy becuase of the "FLEXIBILITY" and "VARIETY" that Bluegreen sells.
That fact is: THERE IS ZERO --- NADA --- NO "FLEXIBILITY"...That is completely ERRONEOUS. Don't believe it. It's a lie.

You can have your "system". :(
Bluegreen did not own my timeshare when I bought it but the m/fees have more than quadrupled since they took it over. I own 2 weeks in Floriday (not points) and my fees this year are $1500+.

Would anyone out there like to own a 2 red weeks 14+15 for free?? get in touch if you want it because I am totally pee'd off with them.

Only pay for your own legal fees on the transfer. :sigh

I am by no means a salesperson for Bluegreen or any timeshare but I have to disagree with these comments. You have to know how to use the program to reap the benefits.

Like with anything else, you cannot expect to get the resort you want when you book a month or so in advance. This is just logic. Every year that we have owned (since 2006) we have been able to get a nice stay somewhere. This year we have 4 vacations scheduled.

If you plan enough in advance you will find what you want. In addition, every Bluegreen property offers something unique and many peopel are quick to compare two completely different resorts to one another. That's like saying the Ritz and Holiday Inn are expected to be equitable.

If you are going to buy into Bluegreen make sure you know what your vacation style is and that you have the ability to vacation, and not always last minute. Which, by the way, with Bluegreen you can always find last minute deals through Bonus time for a very reasonable price.


Lord Mankinholes, I am being *** but how do I access Bluegreen on yahoo?


I have also been an owner for 2000, it's been a horrible expierence. Their maintenance fees are ridiculous and their service not to far from it.

The add fees like crazy and they increase their fees constantly but their resorts are dirty and falling apart. I have had family and friends stay at the Wisconsin Dells Christmas Mountain to find dirty rugs with bugs in them, the bath tub not working, a leak in the roof, ridiculous it is. I regret getting this time share.

Planning on Selling it as soon as the market gets better. If you are thinking of purchasing with them think twice.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #86911

sorry pal I am not employed by BG in any shape or form , just a happy owner.

Just to put you striaght your points are good for 2 years, you get half in year one and the others in year 2, the first half become saved (if I am correct at the beginning of the second year.

To make all your points availble at year 1 all you have to do is pay your mf in advance then you can borrow your points, only do this if you ned high red or above time

My advice to you is to join the Bluegreen group on yahoo there are many within this group that can help you far better than I can

also check your MF since you only pay for 4000 points each year, you will be in trust fund E which only becomes cheaper when you have 12000 points and over.

again please join the Yahoo group and you will learn an awful lot more info on how to get the most out of your points ... far more than talking to any BG person


Lord Mankinholes MUST be a BG sales person or employee! I too have been a BG owner since 2008 - THEY SUCK!

Salesman lied, didn't explain the biennium plan, my contract says I can carry over unused points, but BG says no, etc.etc.etc. We have paid 15.9% interest on 7,000 for 6 years, still owe 4,000, haven't been able to use it but TWICE, can't carry over points, can't rent, and can't sell. If it's so good, how come no one else wants it?? Maintenence fees went from $350 to $600 which we have to pay EVERY YEAR, but we can only vacation every OTHER YEAR.

Stay away from Bluegreen.

Al this for 8,000 points. Ripoff city.

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #81057

we have also been members since 2003/2004 and I can say that we have never had a problem in getting what we want when we want .

It has always been 11 months out (it use to be 11 months for 7 days+ and 5 months for under 7 days but it is now 11 months out full stop.

We have never had a problem with the bed sheets and yes I do know about bedding/textiles is my trade !!!

Never been to a resort with a fight so can not comment on that

elevators have never been a problem and we have never had a musty room on the lower floors.

We have stayed at 2 reorts in MB with no problems and the staff have always been very helpful.

This is the other side of the coin

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