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we have been owners with Bluegreen Resorts for 7 years. We could not be more satisfied with this company and it is everything that it claims to be. you do have to know the rules and book your trips in advance since availability during peak seasons is limited. We could never stay at the really nice resorts because they were just to expensive! the bluegreen places are beautiful and so clean! tons of activities for the kids and the staff members are top notch!

as far as the sales presentations, they are certainly pushy but they are just doing their job! you have to learn to be firm and say no when something is out of your reach! Just say no! works for me! i just go to get my free gifts! we have never stayed or been trapped by then for more than 80-90 minutes. i just use that time to catch up on all the changes and new properties! i have given travel gifts to my parents and my in-laws for christmas gifts ,ad traded using RCI with no trouble whatsoever!

good luck and happy travels with Bluegreen!


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I am SO glad you are happy but if that ever changes, let me help. I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares.

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