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I Attempted to use the 12 thousand points I bought last summer at Branson for a week's trip to Branson this summer. I was told I can't use them in the summer except in 4 lousy locations no one in the right mind would go to in the summer, and that they would expire July 31 if i didn't use them or pay more to have them extended.

None of this was explanded when I made the purchase, or i would not have bought in.

Bluegreen Resorts are just another time share scam. Avoid this crowd like the plague.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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well what can one say Bluegreen plant

next week you can book Big Cedar on Bonus time .... so much for it being 100% booked


Do not listen to several of the bluegreen employees on here 'responding' to people's complaints. They are liars too.

Bluegreen blatantly and purposefully lies to people during sales pitch. I was told in answer to a SPECIFIC question about availability of the Wilderness Lodge at Big Cedar resort that people got the dates they wanted 90%-95% of the time. Attempting to book the location for next year as the dates became available. After seeing it 100% booked we called customer service.

Just like in many cases mentioned here, they literally laughed at us. What happens is that there is a list of people with a higher level of membership than you and they are all on a waiting list and getting those slots without them ever becoming available. The customer service rep said that there was literally NO WAY we were ever going to get in there. 90%-95% my ***...

basically what we've found out is that we are low men on the totem pole and have no hope of going anywhere at a decent time of year unless we buy more of their points.

I wonder how those salesmen sleep at night. Seriously.


I bet you purchased the Sampler 24 .... if you did you got a great buy!

12,000 points x 2 years = 24,000 points. You can use them anytime EXCEPT June,July and August. That is written on all of your paperwork and is explained to you several times at the table and closing. Apparently you were not listening or paying attention.

People hear what they want and when they want. It is not the Bluegreen Coorporation's fault if you are not smart enough to understand what you were purchasing. You can have several great vacations with those points and only paid $2,995. 00.

That is very cheap to get to stay in nice and clean and updated resorts with amenities. READ YOUR CONTRACT BUDDY!!!!

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