It amazes me at the complaints. We book more vacations than we can possibly use, about 10 per year, and give away what we do not have time to go on. We have nothing but good to say about Bluegreen, they have been true to what we were told. if we have any concerns, and we call them, they are taken care of immediately. Our friends and family that are with them also agree with us.

it is a great place for you family to be together for a very family oriented vacations. We have been with them for over 10 years.

Mo and Randy

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You book about 10 per year? Either you're very wealthy, or full of it.

I own a condo outright and cringed when my future wife told me she owned a timeshare.

5 years and thousands of dollars later we still can't unload this piece of ***, and don't have the lack of character to try and up talk it to anyone to buy it. RUN, don't walk, away from Bluegreen.

to demcpita Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #574665

I agree with the comment you must be rich. NEVER, EVER did I get the booking that I wanted with Bluegreen.

Every owner's update was nothing but intimidation and pressured sale tactics to purchase more points. Our complaints were never heard. For instance, how come the fees go up each year and we only have 6000 points? Well you have to BUY MORE POINTS to reduce your maintence fees BS TOTAL BS.

Then they wanted us to BUY a BLOCK of dates for 950.00 so that we would be ASSURED to get the dates we wanted or we'd have to book 11 months in advance.

Perspective owners of BLUEGREEN RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!


Well then buy the rest of ours , or have your Family members that are enjoying it so much buy mine .I would give mine away .


same here

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