Livingston, New Jersey

Bluegreen is a joke. Only if you are rich will these people help.

Maintenance fees are stupidly high. And then there are other fees. The more you pay the less you get. Since buying in I haven't got to use the services but ONE time, in three years.

No availability they say. And you pay triple for anything. Its so much eaiser to just get a motel room.

If your payment is automatic, then watch out when the maintenance & fees come due, if not paid on time, they send it to collection and you have to pay their fees. Tired of paying for nothing.

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Jeff this is what I have been saying for a long time if people do not pay then we have to cover. The running of the resorts is the responsibilty of the Bluegreen vacation Club they set the budgets and collect the fees, BG the developer also have to pay these increased mf on the unsold inventory they own ,that is why they rent it out.

According to those owners who attened the AGM the club do have a large buffer which goes to help pay for these owners who will not pay and it avoids any SA.

It is those owners who will not pay that cause all the problems, they think by not paying they are getting back at BG when all they are doing is hurting us, but Jeff you can not get that through to them so the likes of us have to bail those low lifes out


everyone check thier maint fee bill recd mine and up it went and the letter it came with said"an increase in maintenance fees is necessary to offset owner delinquencies"....

Why do i have to pay if *** cant and get nothing for it...this is a corp problem not owners so beware!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please explain what you have paid triple for?

There are a few activites that you have to pay for, which you can complain about, if they were "free" then the cost would have to be covered by your MF so you would end up paying for facepainting even if you never had it done.

The other fees are your club dues that pay for the reservation centre staff and your RCI membership

Travelers + which if you dont use you no need to pay.

You have no elec/water bill to pay, no housekeeping to pay for short stays, no inter resort exchange fee within the system, no guest certificate fee, other major plays in timeshare do make these charges on top of your MF.

again never had any problem with availabilty

yes get a motel room but then if that is your thing then why buy a timeshare?

Mf are no higher than any other timeshare and yes they do go up just like your own houshold bills, the exception being that at home you do not have to pay for the guys nextdoor because they will not pay their bills. Two main reasons that they have gone up this year, one is the extra houskeeping fees because owners are takeing shorter breaks (average stay is 3 days) and the main one is that we as owners have to cover for those owners will not pay their way ..... sad but true.

When someone comes on here and makes a big issue about fees and says I am not paying them that will show them they think it is hitting Bluegreen when all it does in fact is cost the rest of the happy owners more money.

If you want to complain about fees then complain about the ones who will not pay that are takeing a free ride on your back.

By the way all this information came from the recent AGM

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