Prior Lake, Minnesota
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My husband and I purchased a Bluegreen Sample Package we booked a 3 night stay for our first anniversary at Christmas Mountain Village in Wis. Dells.

We could not figure out were these blood spots were coming from on our sheets. The last morning we were there we found the culprit bedbugs. When we checked out we brought the bugs in and the women said she would have housekeeping check it out. Like she didn't beleive us.

I have made several complaints to Bluegreen to see what will be done to fix this. At first I was told someone MAY contact me within 72 hrs. We still have not heard a word for the Bluegreen Corporation. I spent a week in agony with these very itchy bites all over my body it was like having chicken pox all over again and we still have had no sympathy from Bluegreen.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Almost all of the Bluegreen Resorts I have been to have been nice. A couple of things to watch out for at Christmas Mtn.

One, if you stay in one of the campground rooms, they are awful. Dont accept that lodging. The other thing is we had a heck of a time in the winter staying in one of the lodges on a hill. I had to park on a snowy hill and my car slid all over.

It was awful. Bluegreen has better properties than some of the other timeshare companies!!

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #48429

Honeybun, they went up another 30% today

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #48378

Bluegreen , just to let you know they went up 15% today and come on if you are going to quote facts then at least get them right

its BXG not BXI


They are probably going out of business soon anyways. have you seen the stock prices?

Wow they are laying off again?

Looks like closing time for BXI that is the stock ticker initials.

R.I.P. Bluegreen


Strange that the original poster does not know (or won't give out) the unit number that they stayed in.


Thank you. There are 16 one bedroom Deluxe Timbers at Christmas Mountain. Could you please give me the unit number (801 through 816)


It was a 1 bedroom.


Which Deluxe Timber. By that I mean the unit number and was it the 1 bedroom unit or the 2 bedroom unit.



The unit we stayed in was Timber Delux. We did not end up bring them home with us we wash and sterlized everthing immediately when we got home. ANdd we did speak with a manger she was the one who said she would have housekeeping check it out.


What unit were you? Based on newspaper reports, we have been checking bedding everywhere before unpacking. Also, did you bring them home with you?

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #44492

never in all the all the times i have slept in a blugreen bed have I come accros it. The beds and bedding have always been spotless

Having said that I did hear on the news that bedbugs were on the increase they must have been brought in by the previous people who slept in that bed.

What you should have done is asked for the Resort Manager BEFORE you left the room this would have got you the action you wanted and should have got.

The only problem I have had with bedding in the States was in fact at a Marriot property we had to have it all changed for being badly stained and the Hilton it was all ripped .

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