Raymore, Missouri
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BAMBOOZELD!!! By Matt Calhoun with Blue green @ The Falls Village in Branson MO.

We purchased addtl points to help cover maintenance fees or so Matt said. Told us that he would personally rent out our newly purchased 6k points & he would have our 6k paid back in a year & it would cover our maintenance fees also which would be due in Nov rather than our usual May date. Fees & higher ones since we had more points came due in May. Contacted Matt,he was going to get that taken care of right away.

Almost August & nothing. He has more excuses than anyone I have ever dealt with. Co worker died,wife left him..you name it. Was going to give us a weeks stay for our trouble..

Guess what..didn't happen.

I have the full dialogue if anyone would like to see it..so remember that name,Matt Calhoun.. You hear that name..run!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Bluegreen cancelled my most recent contract because of the unethical conduct from Matt Calhoun. If anyone else was swindled by him, contact Bluegreen.

I was told he was let go. I hope he doesn't find another sales job where he can lie to more people.


The ones that will be prosecuted is the people on here.. Slander, is still grounds for prosecution.


Matt Calhoun, has always kept his word and been nothing but good to us.. You people are sad and need to get a life.. I feel sorry for all of you..


Not sure what company he is with now,but most likely they are not aware of his scheming. Call them directly to notify them of the fradulent transaction.

He uses his cell rather than the company # like he is supposed to.

If he wrote you a bad check, take it to the prosecuting attorney for your county. They will go after him.

to Anonymous #1027195

Keep running your disgusting mouth.. Prosecutor, will know shortly who you are. Don't drive around with anything illegal..


Same exact story here! He promised us that he was going to rent our points also, and guess what, nothing.

Been waiting to hear back from him for 3 weeks; trying to get a hold of him at least half a dozen times and no response whatsoever! If he's talking, he's definitely lying, so beware!


I have over 50 texts back and forth with this guy to prove his fraudulent behavior also!

to Anonymous #1027174

Not sure what company he is with now but I can assure you that they are not aware of his scheme. You need to call them & speak to them about your fradulent transaction & let them know immediately what he is doing.

If he wrote you a bad check take it to your prosecuting attorney for your county. They will go after him.

to bamboozeled1 #1027189

I have made him aware and will track where this came from.. Keep running your disgusting mouth!


I just posted that the same thing happened to me. My contact # is 262 412-6631. Something needs to be done about this guy!


Omg the EXACT same thing happened to me with the same guy! Promised the same thing.

Good friend died, then he was hospitalized. Something needs to be done about this scam artist!

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