Livingston, New Jersey
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Went on the blue green presentation for a timeshare do to bass pro shops deal. 2 nights 3 days inn resort tennessee.

we spent 2 hours listen to a vocal presentation of bluegreen resorts. After the Power point presentation we were shown around by nice gentleman all the different types of housing at the resorts. Everything up until this point was going okay. then we will hand it off to 1 of the managers.

she said no to this gentleman you can tell he became agitated and starting to get an attitude. long story short , we reviewed the contract when we had gotten home. what they were showing in the power point the presentation was not exactly what they depicted in there brochure, on how to use the points and also how many different colored seasons there were. so we cancelled within the time frame that they ask was within ten days 10 days.

and the contract states and I quote" the refund shall be made within 20 days after blue greens received an acceptance of the notice of cancellation, or within 5 days of receipt of funds of the purchasers cleared check whichever is later." they accepted my cancellation on april second it is now may first and I still have not received my deposit 1700.00. spoke to a supervisor told them they were in breach of contract they told me the werent the usual refund takes 30 to 45 days for refund doesn't matter what I'm reading.

so be warned they do not follow their own contracts. I'm looking to take legal action against them.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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If you happen to still read this post can you let me know if you ever got your money back. We sent a letter cancelling our contract the next day and are worried about getting back our money.


After getting nowhere with your supervisor. I called the people that wrote the contract with us.

I threaten to sue them for all the interest that I lost every day. And that they were interfering with my business. The lady Assured me she would have it was to me this week we'll see.

I think I shook the tree hard enough. like I told them i how about my part of the contract now they needed to do theirs.


Good luck. Contact your Attorney General and send copies of any contracts that they violated.

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