Topeka, Kansas

When we were sold our timeshare we were promised that we would be able to rent it out through Bluegreen to get cash to help pay for the dues and maintenance fees. This was a BIG LIE.

They do not assist in rentals, and trying to rent the timeshare out is almost impossible. When we go in for am owner update they do not advise any changes. They just want to sell you more points by telling lies. Buying Bluegreen was the worst decision we ever made.

Avoid this company at all costs.

If possible avoid a timeshare all together. It is cheaper to rent a condo then to own a timeshare.

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Happy BG owner: How do you go about renting your points to pay for fees? We just bought and as a bonus we got 6 weeks RCI free, 400 bonus points, and a cruise.

Thinking about recooping some costs from renting the first year or so... Thanks


I'm not real happy with Bluegreen either, but it is what it is. The maintenance fees are ridiculous.

Got to watch what those salesmen say, and ask their manager if it is true.

However you can rent out your timeshare if you are unable to go yourself. Only thing is you have to handle all the details yourself or hire an agency.


We didn't buy to rent out points. When we could not use points due to serious health problems .

. . we felt trapped and was told if we would buy more points they would assign us a rep. to rent out our points and then they changed their.

Were we gulliable and trusting? Yes!


I have had no problem renting my BG condos, and easily cover my maintenance fees every yr plus take some nice vacations give a lot away to friends. I don't want BG finding my renters because they would take a cut. This way I keep 100%


You are right. They are what you say.

We bought their promise to help us rent points.

The way I look at it they rent our timeshare points and keep the money and then try to bleed us more with Maitenance fees. We have not used points in 3 years due to medical problems.

They take away points and then want more.

We have nothing left. We paid cash for our points.


buy a timeshare to rent out to pay your fees

...... what were you on at the time


BG stopped their rental prog years ago (around 2005) it was never a good deal in the first place.

Why buy a timeshare if all you want to do is rent it out? You buy a timeshare to have wonderful vactions

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