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We saved forever for a vacation. What a waste it was at the Fountains.

They took an entire day from us from sales. A day we planned to spend at Disney with our kids, their dream trip. I am very well educated, yet under pressure from unhappy children and the sales staff we listened to for LITERALLY 7 hours, which was not what they promise, I allowed myself to be suckered into a purchase. Every time I think of that trip, all I can think of is how *** I was to succumb to pressure, and how much they must have laughed at us, the losers, who bought into their *** after we left.

Because of annual Bluegreen dues, we can no longer afford vacations, there or anywhere. I am so sick to my stomach over this. Nothing was as promised. Customer service is a joke.

And now for the first time we are turned over to collections because I refused to pay our annual dues via credit card. I mailed a perfectly good check which was declined as a form of payment, even with sufficient funds. More than sufficient funds. Luckily I have proof of all my attempts to pay, proof of promised returned calls that did not happen and failure for Axis to respond to our 3rd payment attempt prior to being sent to collections.

Now add lawyer fees to the mix since I luckily kept amazing documentation and proof of my phone records. Owning a timeshare should be a great avenue for annual vacations, yet is nothing more than a sore spot and one of my dumbest and most regretted decisions as an adult. Desperately trying to sell, even at a loss. It's no wonder no one will buy!!

Do not fall prey to their sales tactics. Yes, they are good at what they do because even I got scammed, and that just doesn't happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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