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My wife and I purchased a 3 day, 2 night package from our local Bass Pro Shop in Texas for the Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar on Table Rock Lake Missouri. The cost was $299 with the promise of $75 in Bass Pro gift cards rebate for the purchase and for attending a timeshare sales presentation during our visit. At the time we informed the sales agent that my wife needs handicapped accessible facilities - which was obvious as she was using an electric wheelchair at the time.

Later when we scheduled our trip, I informed the Bluegreen agent of her needs. He was hesitant but "had to check on that" and called back in two days with the assurance that appropriate facilities would be provided. We drove to Missouri, went to check in to the resort and were given our room keys. The room had a handicap access placard on the door but was anything but accessible. I returned to the check in clerk who told me that was what they had available and seemed oblivious to the fact that we couldn't stay there. After further complaining she told me basically it was out of her hands and gave me an 800 number to call in "sales".

I spent essentially the entire first afternoon of our first day on the telephone asking for service, complaining and asking to talk to higher level management before, in late afternoon, we were offered other accommodations in a nearby alternate location. These facilities were acceptable although not ideal.

Having attended their sales presentation the next day it became clear these people were clueless regarding handicap accessibility other than to pay lip service.

Among other things, these issues were problems: handicap parking spaces though marked as such were nothing more than regular parking spaces which were unusable if the adjoining spaces were occupied, the fishing pier at this facility was very nice but the pathway to it was completely inaccessible and difficult to access by foot over many yards of rocky terrain (not wheelchair accessible).

Needless to say we did not purchase a timeshare. Their pricing scheme appeared unattractive and offered little benefit other than their pretentious treatment of "members" as special people. I explained that it was also clear that going to any of their resorts would be a "*** shoot" for a person needing handicap accessibility...that is, one would have to arrive and physically inspect the property before knowing if one could actually stay there.

Certainly with an aging population and a meaningful niche for such a company being retired people, attention to true accessibility would seem to be a top priority...not so with Bluegreen.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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I should follow up on my comments. After writing them I received my cell phone bill.

I had mentioned earlier that I spent the entire afternoon on the phone trying to achieve some satisfaction. Turns out since I was in a rural area I incurred over $50 in roaming charges. I sent a copy of this bill to BlueGreen with my complaint.

To their credit they have sent me a $50 BassPro gift card. It's something, at least although it does not alter the truth of my earlier post

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