Fort Worth, Texas
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I am a Bluegreen owner and was sold a bill of goods that never came to fruition. Dealing with them is very frustrating and most recently they made promises to set up a Traveler Plus account and never did it and i have to keep calling back.

Being a Bluegreen owner is one of the worst experinece of my life. Many of the properties are usb standard and i have been trying to sell my ownership for 3 years and no one will even consider it.

I was told i could use my points to find renters and that never happened either. Sooner or later businesses need to start operating with integrity.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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People please be aware blue green resot is overpriced frankly time share is never a sensible option but for the few who sign up in haste do everything in you power to get the he'll out asap the economy in America is in no position to bail business's out anymore instead of loosing ur money to a post scheme u have TIME SHARE !



Today I was at the dells and for the blue green resot marketting I am a marketing analyst and the numbers don't add up I'm quite sure the very concept of time share should never be considered pls be careful!

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