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Recently, my fiancee and I went on a vacation in Las Vegas. We were first approached by an over zealous bluegreen saleswoman on our shuttle from the airport to our hotel. She offered some "friendly" advice to us tourists, and then proceeded to throw out several package deals. I took her up on one called the Romance Package, which featured a free dinner, gondola ride, and wax museum visit all in exchange for a 90-120 minute presentation and $60...which 20 of that was refundable after viewing the presentation.

We went to Bluegreen's club 36 for the presentation the next day. It ran well past the 120 minutes. Our tour guide Vincent was very personable and was very informal with the questions and pressure. After the tour, we were brought to a corner table to discuss what we had seen. Right away, I noticed that their points did not go very far. The example that they used was a 4 night cruise, and no matter what the package, 5,000 points took off about $200. When I brought that to his attention, he called his manager, Michael (think Quagmire from Family Guy) to tell me how wrong I was. They brought us an offer for 20,000 points a year for the low price of $32k. Not to mention the maintenance fees and outrageous interest rates. We were never given the chance to find our own financing.

After declining their initial offer, Michael kept coming back with new and improved deals from "his boss". Anytime either of us tried to go online with our phones for research, one of the salesmen would swoop in and interrupt. The longer we sat there, the more stuff they threw at us. The funny thing is that there was never anything in writing that defined how much a point was worth.

They finally laid out a 6,000 biannual point program that was much more affordable. So after an hour or so of debating, we were offered 9 weeks of vacations at any RCI or BG hotel for $179/7 nights, a free 3 night cruise, and 4,000 bonus points.

Like many others have said, it was offered as same day only. If we walked out of the door, it would never again be available. Neither of us are impulse buyers, but I am sorry to say that we did eventually purchase the small plan. When we got back to our hotel, we did a little research and found out what bluegreen is all about. We sent our cancellation letter in by certified and overnight mail 3 days later (Nevada allows 5 days). So far, the company has promised a refund of our down payment minus the $75 that their books cost. I threw those away immediately after reading this site.

Before I did, I managed to find the point redemption tables. Our 6,000 points would get us 5 nights in Las Vegas (sun-thurs) during the worst weeks of the year only. Otherwise, it was 3-4 nights at best. All of this for the "low" cost of $137/month, maintenance fees, down payment, etc. Not to mention, the points were for every two years of payments. The hotel I was currently staying at was a suite room, had a balcony, and cost quite a bit less than the monthly fees alone. So do yourselves a favor and avoid a shady business like bluegreen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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My husband and I were offered a 3 day 2 night stay in Gatlinburg @ one of the resorts in exchange for a 120 min timeshare presentation. We accepted and attended the presentation.

It also went over the 120 mins, more like 3 hours. We were able to tour, and then also were seated at a corner table with a bluegreen rep. We were shown the 20,000 poimt offer and then a smaller one. Finally, another rep came over and started showing us the biannual offers.

This offer was cheaper and a lower monthly payment, but there was just an uneasy feeling about this.

They were not overly pushy, but you could tell they wanted to make a sell, no matter what. The pacakges do sound good, but I think everyone should be given the choice to go home and "sleep" on it before making a spur of the moment's your money!


I got out of my Bluegreen nightmare email me at


I se theskeptic is at it again please tell us are you an owner How many points do you have ? or are you one of those who think they know it all but know nothing lol

Darth_Mahar sorry but you lost out on a goodtimeshare but then what do I know I am only an owner not an expert like theskeptic lol

just back from 3 weeks holiday Orlando/Fort Meyers and Vegas all on my Bluegreen Points...... 5 adults saved around $2000 after paying my MF


magen and juggle work for BG. The lady you encountered on the think that was a chance meeting? She was a plant, probably rode that bus all day doing the same thing to whomever would listen.


In my experience, it is fraud. When I began to question the point values, the salesmen both said that even 6k points would be able to get us a couple of weeks of time.

That was complete BS, but I wasn't able to determine that until after I had signed up and was able to look at the points table. It was very deceptive at best and fraud in my opinion.


Magen you are correct this person should have taken not that if he was offered 20000 points then ended up with what amounts to 3000 he would not get much vaction time. There are many resorts available that use less points and some that use more, all I can say is he has missed out on some very good vactions. Why do these kind of people take a timeshare tour in the first place.

It is not a Fraud and I for one are very happy with my ownership


First of all your kind of silly to believe everything you read...don't you know that people only write about bad experinces not good ones...if you completely happy with what you purchased than you sir would not be writing would makes me laugh at all who complain because if you would just read what your signing before hand like your supposed to you would catch these "lies" in the paperwork wouldn't you??? I mean if I'm told something or "believe" I was told something that better be in my contract right???? ITS SIMPLE READ

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