bluegreen resorts is a rip off if you figure this 525 in mainteance fees 125 for booking fees times ill say 200,00 people who have bluegreen that equals about 130,000,000 millon please explain why so much for mainteance and why when i call to book a room everything is booked .if you call for myrtle beach forget it but if your the joe off the street you can get a room for a price but all the money you spend for your timeshare dont mean jack cause there booked on the timeshare part so you can only book for bonus time when its suppose to be 48 dollars a night but now its a 2 night minum so its double the price i mean you cannot win with this company and they dont care to help you when your trying to go anywhere were booked call back,maybe there will be a cancellation im like in all joe off the street can get the same room i can get for the same price without spending for a time share or maintance fees but me as a owner cant receive no help in booking a room to me this is just a ripoff and i feel into it like everyone else did

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Lord Buttholes: You people are nothing more than septic sauce. Heres a little Bluegreen mantra for you - "Subject to Availability"

Buttholes, your a complete *** bag dude. You and the rest of your Bluegreen concubines. God will cast his vengence on you soon enough...you can bank on that pal.

Heres a little fact for your good people reading these posts and wondering what is the truth....TRUTH #1. Bluegreen Sales *** will tell you anything you want to hear to separate you from your hard earned money.

TRUTH #2: The Yahoo group is a front for BG sales *** to convince you that you need to purchase more points and move up the "Bluegreen ladder"....what a SCAM!!!!!!!!

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #134465


DO NOT USE one of the companies that ask for several 100$ up front they will never sell it for you.

Pinnacle are the only authorized resale agent that can sell Bluegreen points with the benenfts ie bounus time travelers plus etc.

At this time you will get very little for it as with any timeshare.

If things are real bad and you can not rent a resevation that you have made to cover you MF then I would say

put it up on ebay someone will just want it for the points. You will get little for it but advertise it as buyer pays all costs and 2010 MF.


There seems to be a lack of "these good and honest people on here to help you" when you need it most.?

Join the bluegreen group on yahoo people on there will help you

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #134462


I add my comments on here to give your readers the truth not the evil bile that you come out with

i have told you before if you can not work out how to use your points then don't go blaiming other people.

By they way are you one of the lawyers drumming up business to scam all the people on here.

You always seem to have a lot to say (all of it Bullsh8t) but never the less an awful lot.

Come clean tell us all how much you going to scam of them and then tell them sorry you signed a contract.

go on quote your rates


I would not be angry if I was not mislead with high pressure sales and persuaded with trickery. I was manipulated by their sales tactics.

I went in with the sole idea of getting a free gas card, (when gas was $4 a gallon) and a free trip, ( just for showing up) when the new resort opened. I was told at the reception area to just put 40K as my income. I figured okay whatever, I just want the free stuff. After the presentation I told them several times I couldn't afford it.

They suddenly found another unit that was cheaper "a Studio", certainly I could afford this! "Such a deal you can’t pass this up". I was sold a unit I could not truly afford with the incorrect notion that I could refinance it. I would have easily been able to afford it if that were true.

I was told I could refinance it at a lower rate of interest! That was a huge lie. After researching it, you can't refinance points! There is no real property to refinance.

An institution won't touch it! Bluegreen didn't verify pay stubs, or credit to see if I was truly eligible, etc. If they "care" so much about there owners why would they do such things leaving other owners to pick up the slack for those who were tricked or deceived? I should have known better, but now I am stuck with something I can't sell or use because I am now divorced and unemployed.

How fun that is!

If you try to sell it you receive calls galore that company A or company B will sell your TS today for a downpayment of $$$. Bluegreen recommends Pinnacle but does anyone know why they use an agency that doesn't actually advertise or sell your unit as a dedicated seller?


To "Lord Mankinholes":If you are so "Happy" why are you here at "Pissed Consumer" HAHAHAHA....what a sham.

Folks, if you are NOT a Bluegreen employee and are looking for an honest assessment of this company believe this one.

Bluegreen is a nest of liars and thieves. They are out to steal your money and couldn't give two sh$ts less about you or your family.

They only care about getting you to sign their contract so their lawyers can tell you next year "sorry, your contract specifically states 'based on availability'"This is the most unethical and immoral company in existence. I don't understand why the government lets these *** bags continue to operate

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #128019

Just to clarify a few points

Bonus Time as always been 2 night minimum

The units they rent to joe public belong to Bluegreen (the developer -- unsold inventory ) and not Bluegreen vacation Club

Club dues (your booking fee ) pays for your membership to RCI as well as reservations.

When did you try for MB ? peak or offpeak and did you try to get a reservation when the window opened at 11 months out or did you leave it a lot later.

As with all timeshares you need to be able to plan well ahead -- points give you more flexabilty-- a fixed week and you still have to book the time off work well in advance

I would hate to think how much it would cost to operate a resort like The Fountains , your MF pay for the running .staff,repairs,insurance, replacement,remodleing. Bluegreen Corp pay for the building of the resorts not the maintance that falls on the the BGVC

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