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Well after 6 years of paying out over $6000.00 in maintenance fees and mortgage payments we still have never been able to book one day with Bluegreen Vacations. And everyone of the "prizes" given to us were all scams trying to get us hooked on costly hotels costing $350.00 per night with mandatory 10 nights of stay.

You spend $3500.00 in order to receive a flight worth $800.00? Scam,scam,scam why hasn't the FBI shut this crooked company down?

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Branson, Missouri, United States #925456

There is availability. I travel on it all the time.

Was in Vegas and Orlando this year. Learn how to use it!!!

Ignorance is no reason to bash a good company. If you don't take the time to learn how to use what you invested in then it's your own fault

Novato, California, United States #895963

Totally agree! Where is the gov't oversight on these scam artists.


Well, just hold on.... "Scarlett" will be along soon and tell you how "successful" she has been and how much she "loves" her BG timeshare, and that you "just have to learn how to use it".

The trick here, is to not buy points, but buy a fixed week.

If the TS company doesn't offer that deal, run for your life.

Oh, and I forgot the biggie... buy resale!

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