I have bought a vacation at the Bluegreen Resort. I was never told it was a timeshare until after the paperwork was completed and they had their money.

Now I can't get out of it without it costing me several HUNDRED dollars more. And they never told us that we would not be staying at the resort. We are staying at a highway hotel five miles down the raod. We found that out just a week before we are scheduled to arrive.

This has been a nightmare and I can't seem to wake up!

Beware of persons in Bass Pro Shop offering "wonderful" vacations!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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i am getting a bit feed up with this now but here it goes again

please add to the class action that you all ticked the little boxes saying that you understood what you were buying before you signed the main contract


if you use it and more importantly know how to use it timeshares can save you $$$$$ but if you dont then hardluck


Common sense people!!! TIME SHARES ARE A RIPOFF ALL OF THEM.

New York, England, United Kingdom #271907
:grin I'm a BlueGreen OPC... about 1/20 people that I'm not able to sign up on tour, are blue green owners...

I talk to thousands of people every summer, and I've met maybe 3 or 5 BlueGreen owners who weren't satisfied... So I'm assuming you are trying to say that you went on a 90 minute tour, and received a 3-day, 2-night free stay... BlueGreen OPCs are REQUIRED to specifically mention that the free stay is at one of the chain hotel systems, such as holiday inn...

So more then likely, you were told just that, but you weren't listening... If that OPC didn't inform you of that, than file a complaint

but more than likely you were told, and you got greedy and tuned the person out completely

go to the presentation and listen to what is on offer then ask the questions, ask about fees and the like, then you will be able to make your own mind up and not follow the sheep on here

who sign and never read what they signed up for then shout scam

it is a good system


I'm confused by your posting? Did you sign up at a Bass Pro Shop for what you thought was a stay at a nice resort (like Big Cedar Lodge in MO)?

I signed up through Bass pro and there were 2 deals- One was for Big Cedar and the other deal was for the Radisson. IF this is what you signed up for then you are NOT part of the timeshare YET!! BUT be advised that if you take the offer through bass pro then you HAVE to go through a presentation which is the timeshare they try to sell you. Please let me know what deal you got.

If you take the 90 minute presentation then DO NOT buy it. I repeat - DO NOT BUY IT. It SUCKS and you will regret it.

Please let me know what deal you bought and I will try to help. thanks, Heather

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