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My husband and I "won" a trip through Bass Pro to a Bluegreen timeshare adn we chose Orlando. We had to postpone the trip 3 times and they were always very nice.

We finally mad the trip and booked within the timeframe to receive an upgrade and we stayed at the Fountains Resort. We absolutely LOVED the resort. My husband, son and I checked in on Friday, our room was ready by 1:00pm, not 4. Saturday we had to go to the presentation.

It did take longer than expected but we were showing interest. The initial presentation was about an hour and interesting and entertaining. Then came the salesman. We asked him to please skip the tour, as we were staying there and had already familiarized ourselves with it and wanted to enjoy our time as much as possible.

(And we had an antsy 5 year old, though, they did have a daycare during the most of it, which was nice). When it came to money, is where our problem came. We couldn't afford the down payment and they kept pulling packages out of nowhere, yet they weren't listening to my husband say "We cannot afford a down payment today." They just kept coming with, "Well, here's another package." But it still had a large downpayment. The salesmans solution was "put it on a credit card." Hello!

So when my husband said Yeah, but you still have to pay that off and we're not going to put something like this on a card. We save those for emergencies, they were just appalled and their attitude just went totally to well, I guess we can't do anything for you, goodbye. But the rest of our trip was great. The Fountains was great; the pool there is awesome, the rooms were very nice and we had an awesome time in Orlando.

You don't get maid service but you don't get that at most extended stay, condo type places. We won the inital accomodations adn part of that was a free Carnival cruise after we complete the timeshare portion. We've been home for 2 weeks and upon checkout were told we'd get our cruise info in a week but haven't yet.

So hopefully they don't try to rip us off with that. My husband and I never got a honeymoon and are really looking forward to it.

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I still want to know if you go the cruise, and if you did, how was the late honeymoon??

Orlando, Florida, United States #693576

We received our Carnival cruise voucher after the presentation in St. Augustine but lost it.

I called the resort, and they had our voucher information stored and gladly gave it to me over the phone so that I can book our cruise. We were interested in purchasing a Bluegreen vacation, but explained to them that we are in the process of buying a house. The "negoiator" was a little pushy, but the salesperson assigned to us was extremely honest, and agreed we should not buy with them until we purchased a home.

Because of this I will call the same salesperson when we are ready to buy with Bluegreen. Overall experience was very good!!


I dont know why but i find ur free trip disturbing. I realize that you paid for your upgrade and that you did so you couls go on a quality vacation.

But you shouldnt be upset w these people because they wwrw trying their best to get you involved w a vacation style u say you couldnt afford. We loved the program and our rep and we were very thankful for their efforts to work w our budget.

We feel as though we were genuinely heard and helped and we have loved what bluegreen has done for our marriage and our family! Make vacations a priority and g back when u have some money u arent wasting their time or yours!

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #274700

i have enjoyed my bluegreen ownership for the last 4 years. there have been some occasions where i was unable to get what i was asking for but i knew that was possible because i was trying to book on very short notice.

we have been to the fountains in orlando 3 times and to the wilderness club near branson several times.

we feel like we have taken some very nice vacations that we would not have paid for out of pocket it we were paying for the rooms by the night. it is a long term investment that has paid off so far.


they have promised our cruise information 5 times after 4 months and still haven't recieved it. i wished i found this site before i went and sppent thousands of dollars on a vacation we really didnt need.


never had any problem with geeting a reservation and have stayed at The Fountains many times along with many of the 40 odd other resorts.

Rock on Bluegreen


We had a similar experience at the orlando resort. We have been home since mid February and have not seen anything about the Carnival Cruise.

Are you still waiting on yours?

I'm not holding my breath for it, but it would be nice since that is what they promised. It'd be really nice for them to keep their promise because we do plan on saving up and going back to buy in a few years.


Would you buy a week at the fountains if you could. I have points for sale


Don't hold your breath for the freebies.

DOn't buy into the dream vacation always available.

I have been an owner for over 5 years, like many others time is never available. If you check you can rent same resorts for less than the yearly maintainence fee by staying a non owner.

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