Londonderry, New Hampshire
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We just recently bought a timeshare with bluegreen vacations and have realized they lied about everything! Especially the maintenance fees!

We never would've agreed to pay that much in fees had we been told the truth. Also to find out we don't even get enough points to go on vacation. We are looking for a way out of this .

If anyone can help . Please...

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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There is no way out, we are from MA, I am a native of NH. We bought also, our mistake.

Never go to any of their presentations again, it is all ies and a scam to get more of your money.


send me a message... looking to buy some points for next years vacation.

Let me know... Cammie


They run a *** organization especially at Stone Mtn, Lincoln NH. Biggest bunch of frauds going.

The regional Vice President is a fat *** arrogant slob out of Indiana named MIKE BROWN. Absolute piece of ***.


Maintenance fees are one of the main things they go over, and one of the four sets of numbers that are on your finalization sheet. If anything your lack of listening, questioning, and paying attention is what got you into a situation you now regret.


We've had the same problem. I would stop paying it (hurt my credit, but oh well) but I took a personal loan to have better interest, and now I have to pay the bank.

This company needs to go out of business!!! We're trying to sell it at Pinnacle Vacations, however afraid that with so many complains it will no be easy...


I feel your pain!! Same experience & then some. They are nothing more than *** artists.


How recently? If it was in the past few days (and that time period varies by state) you might be able to rescind the purchase with no penalty.

Check the materials they sent you for instructions (and follow them to the letter!) Otherwise, you have a choice of trying to "enjoy" your purchase, trying to rent out what you bought to cut your losses, or risking taking a credit hit by walking away from it.

You might want to contact the office of the Attorney General in the state in which you made the purchase for other guidance. Best of luck!

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