Tulsa, Oklahoma

Was a vulnerable recently divorced dad that took my 2 children to Branson on a family vacation purchased for the "family of 4" as a family Christmas present. 3 months after the "gift was purchased, the wife wanted a divorce.

I was trying to be a good dad & provide a positive pleasant distract for the 3 of us. Only catch was I had to go sit through a "sales pitch" which turned out to be an attractive young woman telling us how precious time with loved ones is & how little time we had. Long story short; they took me away from my kids for 4 hours. During that 4 hours I told them my situation & I couldn't commit to their purchase.

What I got in return was a multitude of lies stating the timeshare ownership was tax deductible, if I had to sell it they wanted "the opportunity to buy it back", and it would make travel worry-free with "thousands of destinations available" that I could book anytime. Truth is there was NO tax deduction, they refuse to buy the deed back, & ALL their locations are always "booked or unavailable" unless I upgrade my membership to "Platinum Level" & could book reservations 12 months in advance. I live in the real world. My PTO doesn't roll over, guaranteed time off is not guaranteed more than 2 weeks out, & my child visitation doesn't allow "10,000 points of Quality Time".

Bluegreen is a corrupt, immoral, deceiving group of *** artists! They also sold my personal contact info so every bogus "let me rent out your points for $1500 or I guarantee we can sell your points for $25,000.

All you have to do sir is pay us $1200 in upfront marketing/closing fees!" They're all *** leeches! My apologies for insulting leeches.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am looking to buy some points for next year. Come up with an amount. Cammie preacherforesha@aol.com


You have my sympathy. Timeshare salesmen care mostly about "the sale." If you do not have stellar credit, and don't mind taking a 7 year "hit" - I would just stiff them and take the bad credit report. There is no need to be moral with people like them.

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