I was scammed by a blue green agent in the Florida Mall to take a presentation in exchange for gifts. After 3 hours of listening to a bunch of doubtful claims, we declined and all we got was a $50 visa.

The vacation, cruise, theme park tickets are offered by another company and costs you money.

This company has hundreds of complaints as well. Blugree is run by disciples of Satan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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LOL Nothing in life comes free. Don't expect free stuff without a catch.

We tell you up front we're going to ask you buy, at that point you say if it's okay or not.

People always say it's 'high pressure' because we ask you for the money, which like I said, we warn you in the beginning that we will ask you at the end for the money. Everyone likes what they see, unfortunately most people can't afford it.

to SPEAKtheTRUTHsal Wingate, North Carolina, United States #923382

Yes, I was approached in Bass Pro. I never felt like I was deceived.

I bought the sampler and looking forward to buying full membership really soon. I've been to 2 different facilities and absolutely love it.

Took friends and family and they love it too. I'm super Uber mega pleased.

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