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I'm an unhappy Bluegreen owner of 4 years. While the resorts can be very very nice to look at, once you actually have to start dealing with all the "gotchas" and learning to play their game, you wish you hadn't done this.

It starts with lies and deception at the very pressured sales time. We were promised we could using something called bonus time to buy rooms for $59 per night, any time, any where. Well, the price has gone to $89/night, and good luck finding available rooms to meet your schedule.

I was astonished at the $1,000 annual tax, disappointed I have to pay a $159/year additional maintenance fee, and need to have a "Traveler's Plus" membership for $49/year to make use of much.

Maintenance and cleaning are always an issue, though the Wilderness Club in Branson was pretty good. When we stayed at MountainLoft in Aug. 2010, the place was so bad they called in a cleaning crew that spent three hours cleaning before the chalet was acceptable.

Other problems include towel and toilet-paper racks that fall off the wall, doorknobs that come right off in your hand, no hot water in the kitchen sink, filthy carpets, broken light fixtures, and so many others. I wish I'd kept a list. This should not be in what appears to be a group of upscale resorts.

At the Fountains in Orlando we put our 2-yr-old into the big whirlpool tub (don't worry - he was safe and all that), turned on the jets and watched as green/black slime came out of the jets.

These stories go on and on.

Then in July 2011 at the Fountains, we suffered through 4 nights of a grand party below us by the same group every night. It included a tremendous stereo system booming in the room next to us. While everyone should be free to have a good time, this went into all hours (past the 11 pm curfew) and was just obnoxious. We and others called security multiple times, who seemed to have only short-term results. It got so bad that security finally decided to ask the county sheriff to help intervene. An hour later, you it was all back to loud and obnoxious. Bluegreen couldn't even keep control of that building and its environs, so every other person in that building had their vacation spoiled.

In response, the Fountains offered me 4,000 points though I had payed with cash for bonus time so I said I preferred my cash back instead. Finally I agreed, and now I discover that the points are restricted to blue and white seasons.

Understanding Bluegreen's point seasons is critical here -- blue and white are the most undesirable times, and some resorts - especially in the warmer climates - don't even have blue and white seasons. I've spent two days trying to get someone at the Fountains or Bluegreen Owner Services to change these to unrestricted points, but no one's really very interested in helping me, telling me "that's the way it is."

They'll show you one thing, promise you lots of nice stuff, but for the money I've spent, I could have used it elsewhere for so many other nice things and not gone through this aggravation. I suppose its more aggravating because I'm an "owner" who pays my mortgage, maintenance fees and taxes.

The idea, the basic premise, is good, and the initial impression of the resorts is terrific. But the irritations, surprises, games to learn and gotcha's along the way are just too much.

If you're seriously considering buying, take some time and strike up some conversations with a few Bluegreen Owners sitting around one of the pools. I talk to other owners a lot, and you'll be amazed that everyone has these stories.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Just curious, has anyone tried renting the points?

Dawsonville, Georgia, United States #1082749

I actually don't have a whole lot of complaints, other than their is not much value, especially considering the yearly maintenance fees. At www.tripdeals.info I found a membership I wanted in the first place. Way more value and availability, and no yearly fees, which means the most to me.


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I am very unhappy as well. They are not very helpful and the sales people flat out lie!

I wish I had never run into these people. It all sounded very nice.

Reality was a wake up call. Hard to use.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #753848

I too have had bad experiences with Bluegreen. I have not even tried to use the package for several years. I was so disappointed the last time I went to Mountain Loft in Gatlinburg.

Our room was terrible. No fire place. The bed sunk in the middle. Swatches of wall paper torn from the wall. Could not adjust the heat or cooling, room was miserbly too warm, called amintenace several times and each time they went into a small mechanical room and left. After the third time, I asked why no matter what we set the thermostat to, the temp never changed. The maintenance guy said that the thermostat was only a decoy. The real one was in the mechanical room. The front door had a big section of the paint peeled off. It was a dump, felt dirty.

Everytime I tried to book a stay, there was always some reasonm I couldn't. But they always had a better offer that they wanted to sell you.

I will never go back there again. I have been paying on this *** since 2003. i have paid around $5,000.00 above what the original cost of the page was. Asked for my payoff amount and it is more than if I simply pay off my payments. I want to just give them my package back, all equity in the property, and walk away. They would have my money and my property to resale, I would be free of these leaches. They just will not talk about it.

Seattle, Washington, United States #624818

So I have always believed don't get mad get even. Here are a couple strategies you may want to consider when getting rid of your timeshare.

1. Give it to someone who is untouchable in civil court like a homeless person or someone who is serving a life sentence in prison or is on death row.

2. Give your timeshare to a drug ring. They can use the property to cook up *** and any future maintenance fees will be something that the *** cooks will have to deal with and not you.


Mountain Loft Resort is very dirty.


Some followup:

I finally talked for a while with a couple people at corporate, suggesting they need a "room readiness" campaign or something along those lines. Polite and everything, but I don't know that anyone's empowered to make a difference.

And, after a bunch more calls (many times because they chose not to call me back, hoping I'd go away) the Fountains management has decided to send me certificate for a free week's stay, without the seasonal restrictions.

It's also been suggested I call ahead and ask that my room be reviewed before we check in. I will probably do that to give them the best chance to make things right, but I shouldn't have to do this, and I don't want to be labelled "the problem owner."

Satisfaction with Bluegreen up a tick or two, and expectations just a bit lower.


I nust say I have to aggree with traveler 8.

We have been owners for 7 yrs and never had the kind of problems that you have had

and theskeptic .... just to put you in the pidture I do NOT work for Bluegreen in any shape or form .... are you an owner? if so then you may need to learn how to use your ownership


Obviously traveler8 works for BG!


I am sorry you are so dissapointed. I have been an owner for over 7 years and have enjoyed every minute.

I have not encountered any cleaning issues and the only maintenance issue was resolved quickly. I have no idea what the $1,000 annual tax refers to unless you are refering to the annual maintenance fee that is based upon the number of points you own.

I have attened persentations on numerous occasions and have not been lied to by anyone. Your experience is unfortunate but mine has been completely different.

to traveler8 Birmingham, Alabama, United States #753837

You are the exception, not the rule.


Well written - thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

I'd sell it ASAP, even at a loss!

to JustAddWater Birmingham, Alabama, United States #753850

Can't give the thing away.

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