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Your obviously not seeing the end game here.. it's definitely not a scam cause the definition of a scam is to deceive in an effort to gain money..

the end game on those promotional packages are to get you to purchase into they're timeshare company!! So think about it if they promise you an amazing vacation and don't deliver are you gonna buy into they're company at the sales presentation .. No!! I used to work at Bluegreens promotional division for two years and enjoyed it.

They market their properties by giving away vehicles at malls, fairs, expos, movie theatres, etc.. you put into win to win a vehicle and if your selected for their promotional packages you get an opportunity to travel with them at a highly discounted rate. They have different promotions they run year round so it was a fun job. The reason the ask you the qualifying questions is because they wanna send qualified candidates that have the ability to afford purchasing into their company.

So even if your selected on top of that you have to meet the qualifications.. It's simple marketing.. and since all their calls are monitored I can tell you that they stick to the exact details of what they're offering as to not mislead anyone. They even after you purchase, follow strict guidelines providing you an audiotape receipt detailing the promotion and exactly what your getting to protect you the consumer..

they're a company that's been in business for fifty years so they do everything by the book. Oh and the reason the calls come up from states you live in they use a VOIP system to save on long distance charges, all the big companies use them.

Simple answers to simple questions if you took the time to ask, instead of being quick to believe what you want. The fact they've been in business for fifty years and have less complaints than Disney World should say something..

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