Pompano Beach, Florida
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These people are in crooks! Don't I repeat give them credit card.!I know I worked for these *** for a week!Scam,scam scam!!!!!!!!

*** bags!! They should all rot in ***

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My wife and I were booked at their Myrtle Beach contracted properties this past August. As I stated to Yolanda who works at their Corporate Office, the Coral Reef hotel was an absolute sty.

I related to her that I worked as a flight attendant for 15+ years an experienced hundreds of hotels. This place was an absolute "dive".

The woman at the desk was curt and indifferent to our requests.

My wife started to cry because the property was so unkept. Towels draped over every veranda and loud music blaring....I thought I was in a time machine back at Spring Break!!

In addition, lied to by their agents about having my hotel tax refunded and availability of other vacant properties.

An absolute disaster experience!!

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