Reston, Virginia

Spring of 2007 a telemarketer began calling offering us a special deal at Blue Green Resorts. After about the 10th call of my wife and I tossing it back and forth with talk to my husband to talk to my wife, I finally talked to the telemarketer.

She made a great offer for $250.00 we would have 3 days /2 nights all inclusive vacation including shows and meals at one of Blue Green Resorts premier resorts.

The first and last question I asked was if this was a time share promotional offer and she responded several times that it was not.

The telemarketer said it was simply a vacation package being offered by Blue Green Resorts, at a location of our choice at any of their resorts which included Hilton Head North Carolina. It was all inclusive with the exception of travel. We had a year to use the vacation.

In 1999 we purchased such a vacation package to Branson Mo, and had a great time .. NO TIME SHARE

tours or presentation. So we bought the BlueGreen Resorts package thinking it was the same type inclusive vacation package we had bought before.

When we finally ( three months, and two calls later) received our vacation package it was a time share.

We were out $250.00 so we decided to keep the package and take a trip to Hilton Head at some time in the future.

Last week (March 26th 2008) we decided we had some free time and would use our vacation package. First thing we were told was that we had purchased a Branson Missouri, vacation and that was where we would have to go.

We said okay to Branson and the reservation person scheduled us for three days and two night at the Raddison in Branson. (we have the reservation documented)

When we arrived at the welcome center in Branson we were told that we could not stay at the Raddison. We were told that the Raddison had no rooms available, my wife countered this with she had checked on the reservations before we left home earlier that day and they confirmed that we had reservations, then the VERY RUDE, young man told us that the Raddison was a piece of *** and the Travel Lodge was a much nicer hotel, no amount of arguing would get them to allow us to keep the Raddison Reservation.

We checked into the Travel Lodge, which possibly had been closed up for the winter and just reopened. It smelled very musty, ( we both were suffering from Allergies) There were spiders and spider webs. It was not up to the standard of the Raddison. It probably was not up to the standard of most other motels in Branson.

We took the promotional tour and was treated very rude when we told them we were not interested in buying a time share, we were even told how much we would regret not buying the time share if one of us died and we didn't have the great vacation memories.

We finally got out of there and returned to the REWARDS CENTER for our show tickets and meal vouchers.

The tickets was two tickets off THEIR LIST ..

The meal was for a barbecue meal at a bar that looked like a biker bar, the building looked as if it was about to fall down.

My wife finally asked just what our $250.00 was suppose to be for we were then told that we never paid anything. I have the Credit Card reciept.

We are not happy, and I plan to use the internet to warn people to stay away from Blue Green Resorts.

Gerald McClusky

3333 Forrest Drive

Newport AR 72112

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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My family (6 people)got a GREAT package to stay in Orlando. We stayed at the Fountains for 4 days 3 nights for 49 dollars total!!

We stayed in a 1200 foot villa . It was beautifully furnished and is only 2 years old. We were next to SeaWorld and Universal and only a short distance to Disney!

We went to a presentation that lasted about 96 minutes and then we decided that we would purchase with Bluegreen. We have always loved the destinations that we go to with Bluegreen.


Folks...this is exactly the kind of thing you can continue to expect from Bluegreen. This company sucks.

They are the most immoral, unethical, worthless nest of parasites and thieves ever. I can't see how the states that they operate in allow them to continue to operate.


I just received a vacation package from Bluegreen Resorts for 6day/5nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, but it cost me $398. Seems like fun, even if i have to waste a couple hours dealing with idiots. I'll just put on my "Whatever" face and expect the worst.


We had a very similar experience with a BlueGreen "vacation package". They called me and offered a 3day/2night pkg for a discounted rate if would visit their Falls Village resort.

They outright lied, saying that all that was required was to take a trip out to the property, a golf cart would pick us up in the parking lot drive us around for a while and drop us off at our car. Lie lie lie. We had to go inside, wait for nearly an hour before we ushered into a room full of small tables crammed with salespeople giving the hard sell to the vacationers. Then when we didn't buy a timeshare the guy giving our presentation went off the deep end and started ranting about how we were wasting his time etc etc THEN we had to go to another table where we got the really hard sell before they would give us the voucher to receive the things we PAID FOR.

WE had to take the voucher to another place in town and wait in line there to redeem the voucher. And yes, the tickets are only to a few select shows, none of the big shows.

Brodnax, Virginia, United States #10418

:eek , WOW, I hope this does not happen to us when we go on our family trip to Orlando. :eek

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