Clayton, North Carolina
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Yeah, we signed and now, we regret it.. we see things now that we didn't see when we signed on in 2005.

Bluegreen vacation resorts is a rip off. They have highly trained sales people which will tell you everything but the truth. They talk a "good story" they tell you things you want to hear, but none on those things are truth.

If you notice during their sales pitch, they will not offer you any written litature or brochures about their company. They will only show you a photo album and/or draw on blank paper and list things that you "will get". They won't let you get your hands on those papers. Of course not, because none of the things they offer are for real.

Some of the properties they own are older properties. Most of the rooms in those properties are already sold to owners other than bluegreen owners. Bluegreen only has a select few to offer to their program.

It will be a nightmare... if not impossible to get a reservation at a favorite vacation spot.

They sell the idea of ownership for a lifetime, but believe me, it isn't what happens.

Bluegreen sells POINTS........ period.

Nowhere in their papers or agreements does it list how much a point is in realation to the value of a dollar.

*****Therefore, bluegreen can raise the amount of points per property as they choose.

We all understand inflation when relating to dollars and percentage rates but by using points they have a deceptive way to raise the cost of a vacation stay. Consumers have a harder time figuring it out and relating to a points/value program.

Your points may get you 5 nights now, but next year they may give you only 3.

We learned this by trying to make reservations 2 years in a row at the same resort. By they way, the resort was booked and we still haven't used bluegreen.

We paid for our own vacation, bluegreen was useless for our family for the past 2 years.

Please don't waste your money like we did......

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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any timeshare is the worst investment ever. Dont believe me?? try to sell it

Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, United States #17911

You guys are wrong. The point system stays the same.

It's the inital cost of the points that go up over time. That is how the value appreciates like realestate. Time and pionts stay the same.

The maintance fees cover the salaries of the workers/taxes of the properities/ etc.. You do need to ask a lot of questions to really understand how many points you need/want.

Montgomery, Texas, United States #9869

these messages WERE put here to warn consumers. smart people will check it out before they go

New Tazewell, Tennessee, United States #9130

ok my husband I just bought into blue green yesterday so I have no complaints so far but this website has me worried VERY worried have any of you taken legal action,turned them in to the BBB or maybe tried writing the news channels,Nancy Grace ect.. because for those people that have never heard of blue green they have no way of knowing to look at this site so it would be more effective if you guys found thier future customers instead of people who have already been sucked in!

Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, United States #9105

I never thought of it that way.. but it is true.

Bluegreen sells points that you can only spend in their resorts.

Why would someone want points when we have dollars we can use anywhere, anytime in the world....

to sam #1032078

You can use BG pts. anywhere-anytime, even go book with RCI.

Get over it, learn how to use your pts. before you complain>>>

to Anonymous #1346303

If Bluegreen was such a great company to be in, there would not be sooooo many people TRYING to sell the properties and can't.

Everyone I've known that bought with bluegreen have been disappointed.

Save your money and take control over your own vacations.

Don't give bluegreen the control over you.

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