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my wife and I came into this after visiting Bass Pro Shopwe attended the Resort in Las Vegas. everything was going great until we attended the sales pitch meeting we stayed in the room for 5 hours telling them no they kept pestering us would not leave us alone.

before we walked in I told my wife we were going to try and solve something we both agreed that we were not going to buy I kept telling them no no no we just bought a new car here we are two years later my life is in financial ruins and my wife just left me. I hate you blue green resorts I hope you *** die and rot in ***

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How is Bluegreen responsible for your wife leaving you and your life being ruined when you and your wife agreed not to buy.....

Henderson, Nevada, United States #907546

Well, my comments are YOUR WIFE DID NOT LEAVE YOU BECAUSE OF BLUEGREEN. You obviously had pre existing underlying problems and you using lack of proving romance in your life as an excuse.

If you treat a woman well, she will treat you well 10 times more. Get over it! If you had some sense, it is not just to say I do and make a woman to ask for romance, flowers, open the door for her, go shopping with her, take her out for dinner once in a while and take her on a vacation. Happy wife is a happy life.

And you think a woman should ask or beg you for anything?

It is not about you or blaming others for your failure as a man.

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