Saint Louis, Missouri

Have you heard that now you have to pay a $35 to $50 fee to save you points for a additional year. My solution was to call corporate headquaters and leave a message.

John M Maloney Jr is CEO and he can be reached at 561-912-8000 ext. 18030. Please call him and let him know how you feel. Possibly with enough complaint we can get Bluegreen to change their policies.

Also, you may want to try and press the asteric while the greeting is playing. This currently takes you to a directory that lets you spell a individuals name and gives you their extension and transfers you to their phone so that you may leave a message.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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So true,been with BlueGreen for 17 years.


Well, I have contacted the Missouri Attorney General office. We will see were this goes from here. Reality is Bluegreen has my money and cold care less whether I am satisfied or not.


Don't pay any attention to UK....he is a cleaner. If Bluegreen does not comply with your requests just contact your Attorney General.


all the wyndham owners always complain they are nickle and dimed for everything ...... the otherside of the coin lol


We bought with Wyndham and we are very happy! There is not broken promises or extra fees.

Our fees for ownership in Florida is $400 yearly and it has not gone up. We roll our points over as late as the 31st of December at NO charge. Sounds like you poor guys are sir charged to death.

Mind you they do try to keep selling more points when you go to the "Updates"but the key is to always be informed. I do feel for you


Robert I have contacted John Maloney on more than one occasion.

You complain on here about saved points but did you contact him with regard to MF ..... the answer I bet was no.

Well I did and so did a good number of happy owners and yes they do listen ...... no increase in MF for 2012 . another issue was free wifi the same happy owners contacted him on that as well ...... now free wifi for owners. The issue of pets at resort was also brought to his attention ..... result no pets allowed

So you see you do not have to come and complain but your energy into the correct channel and Bluegreen do listen


This is very old news it came into force last year.

what you must remember is that back when we became owners you had to give 90 days written notice if you wanted to save your points before they expired.

it then changed to automatic and now there is a small charge , but points are for using not saving and if you know how your vacation club works you will also know how to avoid the small fee.

If you on the other hand want to go back to the old system it will be 90 days writen notice and before anyone starts to shout again just please read the multi site public offerings book you were given when you bought your points .. In there it does tell you that there may be a charge to save points so I am sorry but we all aggreed to it when we sign the contract

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