Providence, Rhode Island

Was approached by BlueGreen at Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro. Mass. $99 for an overnight stay and you get $125 back in Bass Pro Shops gift cards. It was a great deal. All of the worked out well.

The sales person we took the tour with was nice and not high pressure at all. He showed us properties online that were in the range of 3,000 points a week. His sales manager came by and HE was high pressure. We ended up getting the sampler package with 7,000 points every 2 years. He said it worked out to a little over 2 weeks. He checked our credit and said we were good for no money down. It was just $99 a month for 5 years. We even got 6 "bonus" weeks. The first sign that this was a scam was when asked to have the paper he was writing all this down on. He refused to give it to me.

When we signed all the paperwork, payment was never mentioned. It never even occured to me until ..... I got a credit card bill for $9,000 at 24% interest !!! At the promised $99 a month, it would take over 30 years to pay this off.

The 6 bonus weeks we got? They're not free, they're about $99 a night.

And 7,000 points? That won't even get you a single week anywhere. I'd love to see where all those 3,000 a week places were that he showed us online.

I tried to use the points to book a couple of days on the cape. I started looking in April. Every single day for the summer was booked however, if I used my "bonus points" and paid $99 a night, there were plenty of rooms available.

Now don't get me wrong. The facilities seem nice and I really wasn't expecting any sort of bargin. I knew that we could probably book a room for a week somewhere for just the cost of the maintenence fees we were going to pay (About $600). I just don't like the way we got signed up for a credit card without filling out an application or signing anything. Is that even legal?

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825134

"The first sign that this was a scam was when asked to have the paper he was writing all this down on. He refused to give it to me.


Yet despite this, you chose to purchase ?

" And 7,000 points? That won't even get you a single week anywhere. I'd love to see where all those 3,000 a week places were that he showed us online. "

7,000 points will get you some great single weeks...

AND you can get hot weeks for 3,000 points. Seems to me you learn to educate yourself about what you chose to buy.



do you often get things wrong, is it in your genes or are you just one of those people who thinks anyone whois a happy owner must work for Bluegreen.

Well my friend to ASSUME that only makes the saying correct

To ASSUME makes an *** out of U and ME

scar does not work for Bluegreen but is in the field of education, something you seem :grin to be lacking in LOL

:grin :grin

to Buddies with Scar Columbus, Georgia, United States #815822


It's painfully obvious you and your buddies are employees of Bluegreen. Even when you're not working, your sleezy sales tactics shine like the sun in one of your "4 star" resorts available to the 3,000 point members.

Buyers beware of this company.

Please read ALL information closely in your contract. If it's too good to be probably is!

to Common sense Columbus, Georgia, United States #815823

Okie- sorry I meant the message for buddies with scar. I get furious when people defend this ridiculous company.

to Common sense Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825137

Owners who know how to use it, and love it, get furious with those who haven't a clue and go online lying about it ..

to Common sense Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825136

Common sense, you haven't a clue what you are talking about. I've been an owner for 8 years and love my Bluegreen.

As a teacher, I did enjoy your use of imagery, however. " sleezy sales tactics shine like the sun " was a GREAT use of onomatopoeia !

to scarlettt2014 #853428

Scarlett, you need to check a dictionary. Onomatopoeia refers to a word which sounds like the reality to which it refers, like the word ""hush". Are you sure you're a teacher?

to Buddies with Scar Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825135

I have goosebumps reading this, and am laughing...because I have no clue who posted this......rofl.

Now to figure out which other owner who loves their Bluegreen as much as I do, who I have obviously met and become friends with, posted this !

Hugsssssssssss to you, whoever you are !

Piedmont, Oklahoma, United States #699567

It's so cute how Scarlettt and Karla (Bluegreen employees) left comments. LOL!

Definitely stay away from Bluegreen. We went to a presentation today, and it was very painful. They place an enormous amount of pressure on you and make you feel like a loser forgot buying. The hour long sales pitch in the group setting felt like being trapped in a cult with a very charismatic, manipulative leader.

I had such an icky feeling after this almost ruined my whole day. Don't get sucked in, people!! Just check out classified ads ALL over the country where many people are selling their timeshare at a loss. If they are such a great bargain, then why is that necessary.

And if you're dying to own a timeshare, then buy it from a person at a deeply discounted cost....not from the management company.

to Okie Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825138

Ignorance is obviously bliss, Okie. I can't speak for whoever it is named Karla, but I don't work for Bluegreen, I simply learned how to use it and love it, along with my adult kids. I can't abide posts that do not tell the truth.

Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States #683906

You can use the credit card scam against them and get out of your contract and get your money back.

This is Bluegreens way, to sell you a package that you later find out is too small then they sell you more points.

Visit or

to Jim #689918

For a credit card to be issued you had to sign the paperwork to do so.

Nobody holds a gun to anyone's head to buy points !

I LOVE my Bluegreen because I have educated myself as to how to best use it, by reading everything Bluegreen has on its website, every FAQ as well as joining social media groups.

My family will enjoy Bluegreen for generations to come.

We have been to 24 resorts !

Please learn what you need to, to enjoy your ownership.

to Scarlettt Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States #696939


It is nice to read a post that makes sense. Why do I keep reading these complaints of people getting into jams and blaming the salespeople? Because they know that they did not read the contract fully, get everything in writing, and understand exactly what it is they are getting into.

Thanks for a level-headed reply.


to Karla #705723

I have been a member since 2005. Started out with 7,000 pts.

every other year. Later bought pts. to have 7,000 pts. every year because we were paying maint.

fees to cover that time anyways. We have been to alot of resorts in different locations, if we needed more pts. we rent them. Because our maint.

fees goes up with the points purchase, not rented ones. We have enjoyed our time with Bluegreen time share.

We decided we would not attend another sales presentation(called owners update) because of the high pressure!! RESEARCH and KNOW what's in your contract!!

to Karla Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825140

Karla, It's the same as parents and administrators blaming teachers, these days, for their children's lack of performance. Kids are passed along from grade to grade, despite nonperformance...nobody is held back, and then teachers are held responsible for their test scores !

I am delighted to be a retired teacher who subs, and counts her blessings every day that she is not a full time teacher. That leaves me able to love my Bluegreen and try to counter ignorance of adults

Would love to " meet " you electronically, Karla. and perhaps meet one day in person at a wonderful Bluegreen resort ! I've been to 24 of them and try to add a new one each year, in and around babysitting for 4 grandkids under

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