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We went to Orlando for a weekend get away near Christmas 2012(we already live in Florida) visited the bass pro shop and got "roped" in to another vacation "get away". The man at the desk stopped us and asked if we wanted to do a tour of a BlueGreen resort for some bass pro gift cards.

The deal was we get a $25 gift card to use in the store now, another $25 card for booking our tour in the next 30 days, a 4 night "free" carnival cruise voucher, and a 3 day, 2 night stay at any blue green resort we choose. The catch is we pay $149 up front and do a 90 minute presentation. Well that all sounded pretty great for $149 since we usually take a cruise every year anyway, why not take our next cruise for "free"? Well, the man who worked at Bass Pro was not very well informed about all the locations of the resorts apparently, because we chose St.

Augustine "beach" because he said it was on the beach and being from central Florida that is one of the few beaches we had never been to. We booked it for April near my husbands birthday. (Also, my sister who was with us at the time, purchased the same package so that her & my mom could go the following month. Also to St.

Augustine beach). When we arrived in April we looked around and noticed a lot of stuff that said "world of golf" and thought what that *** did we do?? We asked the staff at the front desk where the beach was and they said about 20 miles away! We immediately said there was a mistake, & explained what we were told and how my sister had purchased the same "deal".

All they said was when we do our scheduled tour in the morning we need to tell the reps about it. So we settled in to our room, which was very nice however. Enjoyed the pool and the jacuzzi tub. Did not enjoy how thin the walls were and the noise all night from the partying neighbors!

There was only 1 pool at this huge resort. It was miles away from any restaurants or activity! (Or beach)! The next day we went to our presentation, explained what happened and how this golf-resort was certainly not what we bargained for and not what we were promised they just apologized and said they would inform the employees at bass pro!?

When we finally got around to getting our "gifts" we were less than impressed with our "free" cruise! This is what we were most excited about! Since we already knew we would use this to book our next cruise (that we usually take every September) we thought it would make the whole experience worth $149... However...

What they fail to mention is that the voucher is not directly by carnival... It is through a travel agent, which means there are fees you must pay and it makes the "free" 4 night cruise NOT free. On top of taxes and government fees you have to also pay an agency fee that varies-but you just automatically assume you will be paying the highest fee! And once you figure all of that, you are 9 times out of 10 going to be better off to book your cruise directly through carnivals website!

We just came back from a 7 day cruise that we booked through an agent and it was difficult to get anything accomplished with carnival because they always say you need to contact your agent because you booked with them. Well that would be ok except the agent won't return my emails or calls!!

I think I learned my lesson with agents! And now I think I learned my lesson with these timeshare schemes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825115

Your heading is St. Augustine - only for old folks.

Yet you later complained that you -

" Did not enjoy how thin the walls were and the noise all night from the partying neighbors! "

Glad the old folks had fun !

World Golf Village is a lovely resort, with terrific staff. I personally know lots of people, both young and older who go there as often as they can.

You live in Florida, and did not know, or research the location ?


Not for older folks, either. Just for NO ONE!

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