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In Sept. 2010 we bought into the Branson, Mo.

timeshare advertised at Bass Pro Shops. The Bluegreen corp. is getting their money every month, but we are not in the system to book a vacation and use the points. All we get when calling is the run-a-round telling us we are not in the system.

We can't even talk to anyone who knows anything. We have been greatly dissapointed as we had planned to use that as birthday, aniversary, and family holiday getaways.

We are completely frustrated and upset with the whole thing. Sure not what was promised!

Monetary Loss: $18.

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stop paying them if they aren't giving you what was promised. There is an attorney who can help you if you want to get out of it entirely.

she helped me get out of my loan and she handles a lot of different timeshare issues, its the Pellegrino Law office and they're in Largo FL.

the ladies at the office are very sweet and helpful with questions. Good luck :-)


there are several ways they can find you in the system , the normal way is you phone number, if that does not work your name and full address and lastly your owner number. If all of these do not work then ask to speak to the owner services manager who will trace it from your original paper work.

On your original paperwork you will have listed the number of points you bought and to wich resort and week/unit they are deeded to, owner service will be able to find you from that information since it is unique to you. If all else fails send an email to John Maloney CEO.

Have you had your MF for 2012?

and who do you pay your money to ? and who is listed on the receipt for the payment


Cheryl, the original posted must by now have had their mf but no mention of it ?


Send letter of intent. Make a copy send by registered mail so they have to sign for it to chief financial officer and accounts receivable , and your bank, that they have 30 days to correct problem and or reimburse you for payments received or you will stop payment.

On the 29th day you call and attempt reservation, make sure recorded or witness.

If not corrected on 31st day call your bank stop auto withdraw and go down sign papers for bank, there will be a fee. Go to a private attorney and discuss the matter with him/her, because they will attempt to collect their money if not, oh and give all documents copies notarized and send to state attorney general, in your state and Missouri, and bass pro shop


Let me see if I understand, you signed a contract and agreed to make monthly payments and continue to make the payments, but after all this time you "Sure not what was promised!"


I was almost suckered into this mess today at Bass Pro. Thanks to the good people on here I went back and cancelled. Now I'm really worried because the crooks have my credit card number.


Send report to Bass Pro and contact your local BBB and Attorney General......too many scams and complaints against this company.


Stop the debit transaction right now.......

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