As a participant in the "BlueGreen Club" (ie timeshare owner), BlueGreen does not always make available to me, through their owner's programs (point ownership and bonus time), time slots at all vacation resorts. In other words, with BlueGreen you buy into a program of resort usage that is made unavailable to you as an owner, but may very well be made available to a non owner.

BlueGreen does not respect owners.

BlueGreen programs sound great until you find out that as an owner you can not book a resort but someone else can. Why buy something you can not use?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Beware to the people want to buy blue green time share full of lies! they won't discuss the maintenance dues and that's how they make more money from it they make increased and in there control and people get stuck bcoz after 5 days of buying it they can't get cancellation and can't get there money back sad :( :cry they said maintenance is $700 and it goes up if they change rules.

the units that are available to non owners do in fact belong to bg the developer and not Bluegreen Vacation club, they only become part of the club once the inventory is sold.

All BG the developer is doing is renting out their units in the same way as any BGVC owner can.

It is the same with any timeshare be it points/fixed weeks large or small, we asked the same question of our Airtours timeshare more than 12 yrs ago.

Somebody has to pay the mf on those units so the developer (who ever they may be) rent them out to recover the mf they have paid.

to put it another way if they did not rent them out then they would still not be available to us because quite simply they do not belong to us

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