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I would never recommend Bluegreen vacations to my worst enemy. They lie to you during presentations they mislead you and don't give you a way to verify information until after your cancellation. It's over Bluegreen resorts of Tennessee has no integrity when dealing with people after you purchase a time share with them they will not return your phone call and they would treat you as if you just stole from them.

My family and I went to Tennessee for my daughter's birthday we did a tour during the presentation the fast talking representative share his experiences with him and his family on their vacations at the time I had no intent to purchase A timeshare because we have timeshare already with westgate Resorts. But as I listen to the representative I raise an eyebrow when he shared with us that you can have at a charter membership that comes with unlimited vacations for 7 days vacation with an2 bedrooms is $59and a 3 bedrooms $79 . I raised my hand and I stated that I already had a timeshare and I said to him so you mean to tell me I can go to Aruba for a week for $79 he said yes ma'am you can. He also stated that my family and friends can use this as well as a charter member there are no blackout dates he gave an example to the other membership and charter membership that was false as well.

So now he has our attention he also express how they hace a point system unlike the timeshare that I had. I thought that was good he gave an example as if you had X amount of points you can break those points down into more than one vacation.

At this time I brought out my pen and paper and I took notes now he had my interest. When we sat down with the representative who came and got us he began to tell us about the package then another representative comes. I'm assuming a senior rep interrupted him and said hey listen I hearyou guys are with Westgate he tells us how he used to work for them for a long time and gave us a comparison of westgate vs bluegreen and shared with us all of the negative he learned about Westgate that made him go to work for Bluegreen. Because of his knowledge I trusted him. He even told us that they (bluesgreen support team)could assist in getting out of our timeshare with Westgate so we would have 2 timeshares. But only after we buy.

As we went back and forth with the 2 reps. As one walked away the other began to talk. The other came and he began to talk. All along my ONLY interest was these Vacation weeks that we could get. I expressed I had no need for another timeshare other than the one I have because I can never use those for the dates I desired. And that I would only use the unlimited bonus weeks for $59 & $79 a week. Then they told me that is why I need to be a charter member. Unlike Westgate they truly have no blackout dates. "Lies"

When they brought me out a deal I explained to them that I wasn't interested in the timeshare. And the points isn't what I care about. If I used the timeshare it would be for the unlimited weeks. He told me that I can keep the points and let them roll over. I repeatedly said "So , you.mean I can go to Aruba for a week for $79?" They chuckled at my humor and repeatedly said yes ma'am each time I asked.

I explained that we was on vacation for my daughter's birthday and to pay $1700 dwn payment wasn't in my budget and would take away from her birthday.

Then the Sales Manager comes to our table. He tells me that he understands my position and really wants to help us. Now this is the 3rd person after the presentation. He tells us. We don't pressure anyone. If you decide not to buy. We are happy and will let you go. But what I have to offer you. You will not be able to get after you leave today. Then he hands me a offer for 6,000 points and that I'd only have to put down , $1200. I could use the points every other yearAnd he will throw in the Charter membership with this for a lurker over $7k. I said I thought you needed to purchase more points for the Charter

He said, he doesn't normally do this but for us he will. Since we aren't really interested in the points we're only interested in the unlimited bonus weeks this would be great. He said I will leave you guys alone to think about it. He left us with the sales rep. And I asked AGAIN. Now your sure I can go to Aruba for $79. He laughed and said. "Yes Ma'am. My husband and I agree that this was a great deal. So we agreed.

And at the closing of the deal as we was signing the contracts with the young lady. When she went over the points. We said we won't be using the points anyway.

I stepped out of the room and I went over to the touchscreen destination map. With my sales rep and my 2 daughter's and touched Aruba and the Hawaii locations and said. Now you sure I can go to Aruba for my anniversary for $79. He said yes.

Once we returned home 2 days later. I had questions. Customer service couldn't answer because it takes upto 45 days to get us in the system. Now although I paid my deposit during these 45 days I'm not able to use the benefits of a timeshare they give you one designated representative to speak to, to answer questions and she also can't answer anything regarding your timeshare she can only assist you with your next visit for the ownership orientation. So no way to verify what I was told was true I have to wait because everyone said they can't see what I purchased. It didn't take quite 45 days. Its took maybe 28 days to receive my packet I was extremely excited and ready to book my trip meanwhile I've already spread the word about 7 or 8 family members and friends getting them excited about Bluegreen resorts as well. The first thing I do is register online and as I begin to look online I was very confused because I didn't see anything that was said to us. So I made the phone call to CS when I spoke to the representative they transfer me to someone else then transferred me to RCI RC I couldn't verify that information and RC I could not verify that I was a charter member. So I have to call back to Tennessee and find out what was going on. AND unbelievably when I spoke to the sales manager he told me there's no way possible the presentation representative could say anything that I said and maybe I misunderstood because it was a lot of information. Then I said that's impossible then that means I will have had to mis understood everyone that I spoke to because I asked the same question. At that time he got defensive. His tone completely change as well as his attitude and I asked to let me speak to the manager that I spoke to when I was there. I quoted everything that the manager said to me he put me on hold then came back and said I think I'm the one you spoke too. I say it's impossible that guy I spoke to was extremely kind he was very polite very helpful it made me feel like I could trust him he said yes that's me. I promise you the way this guy's treated me it was hard to believe he was the same guy. He denied everything they told me and then told me he will send me a certificate that would allow me to have 2 weeks per year without using points and my charter number for RCU. And said there was no such thing as unlimited bonus weeks he told me then to wait until I go to my orientation in June and let them explain. Now keep in mind . I purchased my timeshare April 4th , my orientation is June 22nd.

When I told him I wanted out of this , and i did not want to have this timeshare. I said, you guys lied to me. He said unfortunately your 10 days is past and you cannot cancel now. I told him 10 days? ? I had no paperwork I didn't know you guys would sell a timeshare with no integrity. I had no one to answered my question so how was I able to find out if it was true or not. Alll he said to me was I'm sorry.

I escalated the situation and contact the corporate office. I spoke with the corporate office in the end of April today is June 15th and they just calked to tell me that they're denying me the opportunity to get out of this contract and their continued to go ahead and keep me with this. And all they can do is help me use what I have. Now please understand they taken 2 mortgage payments it if my bank. They have NY initial deposit. I've yet to use this. And now you want me to use a membership at a time share with 6000 points and that does not cover anything that I would use.

Again I am a timeshare owner with another resort that's not what I needed.

And when I called RCI and blue-green to find out how many points it would take for me to go to Aruba they told me it would take a minimum of 18,000 points. What in the WORLD!

I will fight this to the end and if I do or if I don't win, I'm going to let the world know about Bluegreen resort vacation and timeshare.

There's much more to the story but you guys get the idea. D NOT purchase timeshare from Bluegreen RESORTS and whatever they tell you if you do have it in writing with signatures take a picture make a video whatever you can because they will deny it after you leave them

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Turn the points into Choice Privileges points for 35.00.

At least you can use them for where you want.

I agree that Bluegreen is @#$%^

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