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We have had our timeshare with bluegreen for many years now,and although we don't enjoy matinance fees...who does. It was part of the upfront info when u agreed to purchase. And in the many years...almost 8yrs as owners...our fees have never went up.

And it would be illegal n highly unlikely that a company would randomly pick out certain owners to increase fees. Just because some owners regret their purchase,I feel it's wrong to spread lies about it just cause you either are in a bind now n can't afford your purchase or for any other reason u wished u hadn't purchased.

I feel sad that I read that many owners are so unhappy n feel like they have been scammed.

In order to get the most of your ownership u must learn the best ways to use your timeshare. Get knowledge n maybe you all wouldn't be so unhappy.

I will say when u check in on vacations we do not give in to 90 min owner updates,because they are never 90mins. And one guy who we had the last time we went,this guy at big cedar, ridgedale,mo....he was a fit throwing lil *** when we did not upgrade. Sad,but we can not take one guy and how he acted,and decide everyone is bad,and creeps.

We have had many exciting and nice vacations with bluegreen. And I can tell you bluegreen resorts are some of the nicest resorts compared to others you will ever find. Period.

We vacation n mexico with a timeshare out of mexico...n though we love mexico and there amenities as a whole,their rooms do not compare to bluegreen.

To those of u who are in trouble times with bluegreen,we wish u knowledge n a turn around in your vacationing!

The Geidl's

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Not sure how you have escaped increasing fees, but timeshares are just as positive as STDs. Good luck.

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