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I got a call. They verified my information I wrote down on a card.

I by chance walked by a car they were giving away a and thought well u can't win if u don't try! Lol. So I was surprised when a week later I get a call today about winning a vacation from the same place. I'm one of those people who don't win anything in life.

Recieve calls and mail from scam companies so I'm very skeptical of anything. Well talked to the person for 40 mins. Then finally they wanted me to put down a card for a hold on my sweepstakes or they would have to pass me on the vacation package. I told them I needed to verify with my wife first and look y'all up online to see if this is real before I would give them a card number.

So she hands the phone off to the silver tongued ba5tard closer. Who then almost talks me into it. But still wouldn't let me look them up for reviews on this offer. So he said ok lets conference call your wife i said ok.

We conference call her and while he's doing that I'm on my phone looking up reviews occasionally saying yes and I find this website. Read a few reviews then get back on the phone and tell the wife HANG UP! We both hang up then I call them back and it's another person the same {{Redacted}} lines of bs as if I never called. Now all of a sudden I can have extra time?

But couldn't before or I didn't qualify? Wtf? I thought u needed the card now or no win? Don't let their silver tongue lies get u this is a scam!

It's not worth it.

"If it feels like it's too good to be true... It probably is"

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Nie job. Trust no one on the phone.

And verify everything. You saved yourself a bunch of trouble.

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