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We stayed at Mount Olympus for Memorial Day weekend, and when checking in this woman approached us and started telling us about their "sister" company, Blue Green. She said they didn't do much advertising so they send customers of Mt.

Olympus over there for a 2 hour "tour" and in return we could get free tickets to the WI Ducks, a free 3 day 2 night stay to a select destination, a free BOGO coupon book and a free photography package. After we "qualified" she threw in, oh we also need $20 as a deposit, and we would get our money back after the "tour." So we got up at 9AM for the tour (in the middle of nowhere I might add) We got there, filled out paperwork, met our "vacation specialist" and started the presentation with another lady. It went on for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and they really expressed how it was "no pressure" sales, which is TOTAL BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we were brought back to the specialists desk for some "qualifying questions" After waiting around some more, we finally took the tour.

The cabins were actually pretty nice, but after the tour we met our reps "mentor" Well, he literally kept pressuring and kept asking, when are you going to buy it, and writing all these offers and when I kept saying No, I want to think about it he kept giving me different offers. Which made me even more mad..why didn't he give me the best offer at the beginning?? He didn't have my best interest in mind at all. Just wanted my money.

He just kept asking why and when can I call you. I told him that it's a big decision and takes more than a few hours to think about when you are spending that kind of money. He still didn't get the picture, so I just stopped talking. My kids were there, getting fussy and when I went to go get them, he made one of his workers entertain my kids so he could keep badgering us.

After all this was said and done, it was not a "2 hour tour" but an effin 5 hour sales harassment. I am SOOOO glad I didn't purchase, after reading all of these reviews!!!!

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Hello Folks : Sounds like everybody has had the same exact exsperience we all have had.I have been to myrtle beach and protest w/signs about not too buy bluegreen timeshares and boy they did't like that.Igot on the main road were they come in and out for the pressured sales and people were stopping and asking about blue green and so many said THANK YOU ,YOU HAVE HELPED US NOT TOO BUY A TIMESHARE.Also they even had several of there people come buy and try to talk and Itold them Ihad nothing to say.One guy Ihad to call the sheriffs department on becauuse he came buy and said that Iwas affecting all of their lively hoods and takeing away from familys and children and Itold them what the *** you think you all have done the last eight yrs Icould not get out of contract.The sherriff waited on the salesman who snatched my sighns off my truck and after he swung w/his fist at me Ishould of let him hit me but Iwas too fast for him.but the cop finaklly went to the home and told him to leave me alone .Ihad a wright to protest and I had checked about protest laws before protesting. SOIam going back down there and anybody who wants too stay at my rental and protest while peek time is here in myrtle beach can e-mail me at { and lets all pull together and the news media said if we have a group they will interview us for a story but not just one person.O K folks lets go and protest and the ladys can hit the beach in the sunny south and we can make our point and get our money back if enough of us come together.Iam tired of them and Iwill not stop untill Iget my money back and we can do it as a group.what do you all say?

Good Day P.S. Don't let other peoples weekness take you down,their not worth it!!!!!!!


Sounds just like my experience. We took the tour and we got the gift cards but it was 4 hours long.

60 minute presentation and 3 hours of telling them no. I had to go back to get my $20.


Rod I am with you


Sounds like the exact experience we had,when it got to hour 3 one of my kids was feeling unwell and it was our cue to get out of there,totaly pressurised the whole time,we had a close call.i recommend to anyone even thinking about it for the sake of a a couple of family passess to rippleys believe it or not ITS NOT WORTH THE HASSEL ~!

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