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Response Received to my offer to donate my Points/Unit - CN



Timeshare Broker Services (TBS) have received your request to donate your timeshare to the Donation Program. I will need to verify the information you submitted, but first here is some information about how the program works.

The Donation Program is in conjunction with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). SNHU does not use the timeshare. Therefore, TBS will have to find a buyer ready to purchase the timeshare. TBS will advertise your timeshare and find a buyer. Once we have a buyer, title is transferred from you to SNHU, then immediately transferred from SNHU to the new buyer. In this way, you are credited with the donation and the new buyer owns the timeshare.

TBS want to make it clear, with the Donation Program, TBS or SNHU does not take ownership to the timeshare. If any fees become due while we are in the

process of finding a buyer for the timeshare you are donating, you are responsible for payment and keeping the timeshare fees current.

TBS service simply offers a cost free form of advertising that will hopefully find a buyer for your timeshare, a charitable contribution for you and help a charity at the same time. TBS cannot guarantee a buyer will be found, but there is no cost to you at any point in this transaction.

From the information you submitted, I understand you own the "BluegreenResorts - The Lodge Alley Inn " resort. Please verify that this information

is correct and also that the unit is paid up to date. After you email back, I will send you forms to fill out.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Have a Great Day

Bob Bender

Real Estate Broker/Associate

Timeshare Broker Services


My response, CN

Dear Bob,

The unit we are considering donating Unit Week 52 F, unit 229 Lodge Alley Inn as recorded in bkH 455PG625 in Charleston County, SC dated 7/1/2003.

We have never been able to gain access or use of any unit at Lodge Alley Inn. The alternate locations we did visit through the years have regrettably gotten worse with time. Thus I have chosen to forgo sending any additional money to this organization.

I will contact my Lawyer in the AM to determine if any action will taken against me if I continue to ignore any future attempts to collect fees on this property. I will willingly return the deed/ownership to whoever now controls management of this facility.

My interest in donating the unit at this time is to release all future interest in the sham we were sold Eight years ago.

Thanks for the prompt response and your attention.

C N, Greensboro, NC


Footnote: You can book this site on-line at numerous sites, but no one is willing to purchase any of the 25 plus owners attempting to sell. Price range $850 - $15,000

Search LODGE ALLEY INN – Quite an eye opener – All I WANT IS OUT OF THIS SHAM

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I have been a Bluegreen owner for 12 years and have booked at the Lodge lley Inn numerous times. I know for a fact there are vacancies for the 17th through the 23rd because we are getting ready to go down there then and I just checked the vacancies online. You signed on the dotted line; quit whining and give it to your church or a national charity.

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