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i was called by bluegreen to tour their resort offered me 4 airline tickets anywhere in u.s.. to be a 2 hour tour ended being all day and no airline tickets.

was told they where out. gave us a two night stay in gatlinburg. we have friends with cabins we can stay in free.we would not have wasted our day for that. woman at counter was rude!

we made calls to five or six places. talked hours with people since aug. still don't have any tickets. its just the point of them lying.

i have on their letterhead where i was to received free airline tickets. the problem is between the people who call you and make the arrangement and then the people you meet in person at the resort do what they want. the lady from the call center i believe tried to help us. but could get no results her self.

so even if you get it in writing does not mean anything. i would stay away from this company. if they will lie to you on something this small amount of money what will they do with the big money you spent on their resort.

i would not trust their contracts myself. i hate to be scamed

Monetary Loss: $500.

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The exact same thing happened to my wife and I. We were promised 4 free airline tickets to anywhere in the US back in mid-summer.

We still do not have the tickets and we were also told they were out and they have never mailed them to us. Repeated phone calls to them have been ignored. Our 90 minute presentation turned out to be 3+ hours. A lot of pressure to buy regardless of what they say on the phone.

We did purchase the option that gives you the right to still get the same deals offered on that first day with points which will be used for an Aruba Vacation. We have those reservations but will be interesting to see what kind of unit we actually get at LaCabana in Aruba. Still waiting on the airline tickets and Blue-Green will be getting a visit from me personally at their sales center in Pigeon Forge.

I will be carrying copies of many of these complaints to hand out to their potential prospects. Beware of Blue Green

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