It seems that Blue Green Corporation changes the rules as needed to suit whatever is going on with their resorts.

We bought the sampler and were told at the time of the purchase that we couldn't book in June or July. Now when I call to book, they have decided that we can't book in August. What is the point? There is no time to use these points when the grandchildren are not in school.

There was a lot of pressure to buy and I am surprised that a reputable company like Bass Pro associates with this scam company. Oh yeah, when I called to book a couple of days at a resort in Tennessee, the operator told me that the decision had been made to allow sampler owners to book in any of the resorts owned by Blue Green. When I called back to investigate further, that was no longer the case and there seem to be very few resorts where Sampler owners could book.

Very bad business. Never will I get suckered in again by these Timeshare *** artist!

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We purchased the Sampler in Vegas as we wanted to go to New Orleans, the sales person said it was under construction and would be available in a couple of months. Six months later, we are told that New Orleans will NEVER be available, we bought specifically for that resort.

We feel we were lied to, for good reason, this was a HORRIBLE decision to buy and we will NOT be doing business with Bluegreen after the Sampler ends, TRUST ME!!!! They are crooks.


The book that Blue Green owner speaks of only comes in the mail months later. I asked to see it and they said, "Oh you'll get it in the mail." Also, I started paying in October and just got my account number in the mail and it's March!


My husband and I also purchased a sampler package in March 2010 and were told that our children could use the points too, but we could not sell the points. I booked a vacation for my daughter in July with no problem, but 3 weeks later tried to book one for my son and was told only the member could use the sampler package.

I was told the rules had changed. After complaining and multiple phone calls they agreed to allow my children to use the package since I signed it prior to the changes.

If I hadn't pressed the issue we would be out a lot of money. I definitely will not be purchasing the full time share!


I hate to admit it but Bluegreen Owner is correct. However the pressure to buy is fairly intense and paying attention to the fine print is the key.

It would have been nice for my sales rep to make clear to me all of the restrictions instead of focusing on the fun and up sale. I also think that Bluegreen is getting 'too big for their own britches'. My parents are owners and have been for at least 9 years now. My mother must call more than 6 months in advance to book summer trips down south.

I think this is unfair for what she is paying.

I will never be an owner, primarily for this reason. I'm hoping and looking for a competitor with similar benefit and more vacations availability.


I purchased a sampler so I know that they give u a book that shows exactly what resorts you can stay at and when. You are not allowed to stay at all resorts and all seasons which they also let you know up front. The biggest problem with bluegreen is not the product its the people who have no clue how to use them.


Blue Green Blows

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