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Recently, my fiancee attended a Bluegreen timeshare tour in exchange for a free weekend vacation in Myrtle Beach. I told her not to buy anything the day of the tour. The tour was supposed to be for 90 minutes. At around 120 minutes, I became worried and called her. She told me that she wanted me to come by the sales office and hear what the "salesman" has been pitching. "It was too good to be true" she told me. I knew then and there that this was a scam.

I came up to the sales office. Tim ( the salesperson) started to tell me that I missed the tour but would give me a quick recap. He pulled out several folders listing all of their vacation destionations. He then told us that because we seem interested in buying a timeshare, he would offer us a charter membership ( which supposedly is only available if you buy 20,000 points). In addition, we would access to unlimited bonus nights, Bluegreen discount on airfares and crusises, and our own yacht club for approximately 450 pp for one week. TOO good to be true???? ALl this if we agreed to buy 4000 points with $1349 down payment and $181 dollars a month payment plan until the $10000 was paid off. Oh, he also threw in a free 4 night cruise and 1 week in Orlando vacation package.

I can go on and on about all the promises and offers. So as any reasonable consumers would do these days, I asked for two things. ALl this to put in writing and that I can take it home, read it, and call them back if I agreed to sign it. ALl of a sudden, the tone of Tim's voice changed. He became agitated that I somehow did not trust his offer. He started to pull out photocopies of previous years Forbes saying how Bluegreen has been ranked as a top 100 small business in America. I then remarked, " So was Enron and Exxon!".

In a last ditch effort, he told us we could sign up for a starter package. It would be a one year deal for $995 for 9000 points, but no unlimited bonus nights, no free cruises, no Orlando vacation...

I said "NO thanks" and the lying *** starts telling my financee that we were not married yet and that she should be able to spend her money as she see fit. At this point, I got up and told my fiancee that we were leaving. We got home, researched Bluegreen and are now very relieved we have not signed up.

If you get caught in this situation where you are "forced" to accept some lucrative offer on the spot, ask the salesperson to write it all out and then give you 3 days to look over it. It it's a legitmate business, they will honor that request. If they are simply trying to get your signature and banking account number, they will tell you it's a one time offer and expires the moment you leave the premises. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it is. If you want timeshare vacations, just checked Ebay, but do your research there as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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SO I take it you are still taking timeshare tours for free gifts? There are those of us that love our ownership, had the money to buy and vacation with our family every year. Its not a scam, some of us had the courage to buy and still own.


Blue green sucks


I was an employee in Destin 7 yrs ago. At first I had a heard a couple of people say what a rip off the 3 day stay was and I almost quit but then thankfully a couple came in and told me how much fun it was and then someone else told me they had BG shares and how much they loved them.

I heard more good feedback than negative. I unfortunately had to save some puppies from certain death and moved to Tucson but I miss working there. I believe the 2/3 for then $49 was a great deal as long as you did your homework and knew what to look for and what to ask. No one should expect a 4 star hotel and I doubt most of the reps are selling it that way.

Most people hear what they want to hear.

I miss working there and would go back if I could. Watching men shop at BP was an added perk!


This place is a load of ***. I started in the Bass Pro Shops selling the 3 day getaways with no pressure stress or obligation to buy anything when you go.

I worked there for about 1 month and soon people started coming back into the BPS and telling me how much it was a scam. The hotels and resorts they put you up in are ***. You can't check in untill 4 pm and on the third day checkout is at 10am. The timeshare presentation is as high pressure as it gets and they even have three closers to put the screws to ya when you go.

My advice is stay away! I still work for the company but am just letting people know that this is a high pressure time share.

to Bluegreen employee Palm Springs, California, United States #834009

*** to the YES! These sales people are RODENTS! *** rooms!


I think is unfair to say that the ones posting good experiences about bluegreen are insiders cause I hade a great time NO lies and I'm not an insider.


Were going to Branson soon for this free vacation if you do a sales presentation. I'm going to take the free vacation and let them do their sales pitch but I'm not buying.

Thank godness for all these articles. I also think its funny that "owners" are responding to these articles.

Why would an owner need to be researching if they already bought? It's clearly the BlueGreen employees writing these responses!

to not buying #1034973

The owners are on vacation, with their families. Not miserable at home on a computer.

to not buying #1053530

Look, I wasn't searching this. My parent's own and I'm very involved with it as I will be the one to take ownership of their shares when they pass.

It's not a scam. Our family has owned since 2003. If you know what RCI is, RCI and Bluegreen use to be the same company. Now, if you don't think RCI is a scam because they have resorts all over the world, then you shouldn't think Bluegreen is a scam.

The husband and wife got divorced and that's how Bluegreen came to be.

Now, I didn't find this forum because I was trying to find it. I was simply trying to find the yacht club Bluegreen is affiliated with and it pulled this up.


My husband and I never made it to the tour, they took $200 from us to reserve it and we began to find that they were lying, promises changed and we got mad and on our way we changed our mind and of course we will be charged another $75. They lied about every single thing they told us the day we booked the tour. We own two small businesses and I happen toknow that going back on promises is not the way to do business.


i've been an owner since 2001 starting out buying the starter package and upgrading three times since. i now get 35,000 points each year and go on three or four vacations a year my family really enjoys the resorts. i feel bluegreen has been a great investment for my family.


I just received a similar call. The guy was a real *** though, saying you won a 6 day 5 night trip to Orlando at a 4 star hotel; I make 100K a year and I don't care about your $398.00, but I will need your credit card number to reserve this trip.

Yeah right! While I was on the phone with him, I found MANY article's about their SCAM!!!


wow.. we went thru bluegreen in Myrtle beach and have since upgraded our plan twice.

You have to know what you are getting and they do give you all those extras in writing. You do not have to buy then and there, as all offers are always on the table.

The point system is wonderful and we've been to many of the properties over the past four years. Sorry you had a bad experience.

to M. Burns #1034976

Good for you to comment on how you love your ownership! Me TOO!


We just went through the same thing in Myrtle Beach. Bluegreen buyer beware!

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