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People pay $3 plus per point with lots of promises and then these same timeshares that people are flocking to hear about can't be unloaded for a small fraction of what was paid. How can they continue to do this legally?

There are companies that are being given timeshares because the market is flooded with unwanted timeshares and they can't sell them.

These resorts should be stopped from preying on foolish, naive people (myself included) who believe what people say, but how? They prey on poor people with schemes of how they can 'actually' afford to go on expensive vacations but by the time the expensive maintenance fees and club dues are paid, there is no money to spend on a vacation.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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We are owners at Bluegreen and enjoy our vacations there. If you plan strategically and go during the week for points and use bonus time for weekends it is worth the money. We are interested in purchasing another Bluegreen ownership if anyone is selling inexpensively.



you are not working the syatem go over to the Bluegreen group on Yahoo and ask questions and lets see if you can get it to work for you instead of wasting your points


I have been a bluegreen owner for 6 years - never able to get the weeks I want - have lost so many points each year - it's ridiculous. Now how do I sell it???


Used ----- Just got a load more points (over 20000 ) for $50 , lots more vacations for us yummy.


They don't sell for $3 a point. Your buying a program that offers you a vacation life style. It's not about the points it's all about the program


maybe if all the hangers on hoping to get all the frebbies dissapeared then the price would come down. We all know that they have to sell at that price to cover the cost of these leeches.

Also please remember it is YOU who signed on the dotted line not the salesperson and lets face it if someone said sign this surley you would read it first after all you may just have signed to say they could shot you in the head!!!!


you are right about this. they sell high too you, tell you that you will be able to get rid of it if you want too- resell it, although they tell you thyey do not knowwhy you would want to get rid of it once you have it, tell you they will buy it back, or help you rent it out to help pay for the fees and the mortgage payments.payments. Thye are a company built on nothing buts lies.

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