San Antonio, Texas

My husband and I bought and paid off bluegreen resosrt points. Everytime we try to reserve our week, we are always told the resorts are all full and we can take our vacation on days they have openings.

We have to basicly plan a vacation when they say we can stay at their resorts. If we call a year out, they say it's too early. If we call 2 months out,as suggested by the bookers, the resorts are full. We were reassured that due to the numerous properties all reosrts owners would never have problems booking.

This is annoying becuase before purchasing we specificly asked about availabilty within their resorts and now feel we have been lied too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Call 11 months out. I've gotten reservations calling within two months, but it's risky.

Everyone who owns Bluegreen can call eleven months out but most people don't so your odds are pretty good then at the resorts BG owns (which is most of them). The BG units in the affiliate resorts are sometimes gone by eleven months out, though - check the BG website to see which ones are affiliates or owned.

Ironically, it's the affiliates that have a bluegreen dot on their page; the owned resorts have an orange dot. Go figure.

The yahoo bluegreen group has some great advice if you want to check them out, but you're on the right track in wanting to reserve early; just do it at eleven months instead of twelve.


Again and again i have read how Bluegreen poorly treat their members. Their inventory of available resort space is weak and their sales methods are suspect. Think twice before you make sure you do not buy from Bluegreen...

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