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I went on a vacation with my sisters in Va. We went to a presentation (for the freebies) and my two sisters fell in love with the idea (my husband and I were already owners of a RCI resort).

The salesman would not complete the sale unless I was included (because I had the only credit card), the 2 sisters begged, promised and pleaded until I gave in. This was in 2001, and needless to say I have only received minimal help from one of the two sisters (about a total of $600)throughout the years.

My poor husband still has no knowledge of this and we cannot afford to make the payments any longer, my sisters refuse to take on the payments and I am scared to tell him of the ordeal. Would I be able to sue Bluegreen for illegal sales practices and get the money spent so far back?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Certain states, such as TN and AR require your spouse to sign an acknowledgement at closing when purchasing real-estate. Check to see if a time share falls within this category.


get the little bast***s sued they have take you for a ride, how they must have laughed at you all these years, god you must be easy


You ought to sue you're sisters


No! You willingly made the purchase.

If you're going to sue anyone, it should probably be your sisters.

No one accepts cash anymore, and personal checks are too dangerous for a business. Bottom line, you are responsible for the risk you chose to take.


You should only be angry at your sisters.

But you have been living with this for 10 yrs; you should just unload it, and forget about it. Hopefully you don't owe anything on it, anymore . Just contact one of the ebay sellers, and you probably will need to pay the closing costs, but then you are out from it. OR

Tell your husband, go on vacations, or rent them out ; renting takes some planning;


I'm going to try to refrain from being too sarcastic, but seriously?

Are you a child under the age of 18? Are you mentally deficient in some way? If the answer to both of these are no, then guess what, you are a competant adult. As an adult, you have to take responsiblity for your actions. There are so many things wrong about your story, from giving in to your begging family, making a large financial decision without your partner, keeping it from him, and then asking how you can get out of it since now it's not working out. Wow.

I hope you learn many many lessons from this, because you now have to deal with the consequences.


im sure that you entered into a legal binding contract. they did nothing wrong.

sounds like your sisters twisted your arm and now you want the company to pay for your weak backbone. the only way you would be able to back out is if his name is on it as well and he hasnt signed it . mr.

grant needs to read a little further into timesharetricks before he accuses a company of wrongdoing, if what he is saying is true then it would be illegal for a car dealer to let you take a test drive without your husband being present. thats not the case , matter of fact if you can get approved on your own they can sell you 10 cars without his knowledge just the same as bluegreen could have sold you without his being there as well.


well well lets hope your husband finds out and throws you out lol

come on you did the deal so please dont blaim Bluegreen for gods sake stand up and take resposibilty for your life and dont blaim others


Yes it is illegal for Bluegreen to even tour you without your husband being present, it is against their policy because you can cancel because he wasn't present. Visit

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