Phoenix, Arizona

We went to Las Vegas Bluegreen in December and bought 6000 points every other year. They knew we intended to visit our home town with the points.

After we signed up and started reviewing the catalogs we found out that there wasn't a hotel anywhere near our home town. We decided to opt out of the contract after 10 days, (5 days after the contract says we could). I talked on the phone (after 9 transfers) to the sales supervisor and he said tough luck. We're in business to make money.

It's your problem. They misrepresent a lot in there sales pitch.

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You were scammed...Contact your Attorney General and the manager of whatever store allowed Bluegreen reps to lure you.

I despise what these people are doing to my fellow citizens.


Stephanie, if you are interested in buying bg points 6000 eoy only amounts to 3000 each year which is not enought for any kind of vacation. Please join the Bluegreen Group on yahoo and you will find that I am correct.

Thes small packages are not cost effective to buy due to the closing costs

Trust me I have been a happy owner for a good number of years.

If the original owner of these points is willing to give them to you and pay all the costs it is still not enough for you to have a vacation.

Please join the group and at least find out the real truth about the cost and how to use them


How much did you pay for them??? You can get with me at

I am interested in buying some. My parents have some, and I have 5 kids so to me it would be worth it.


Maybe you can sell them on eBay for 5 cents on the dollar.

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