Yukon, Oklahoma
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I was on my honeymoon of all things when they used up my whole day to sale me something i told them a million times i couldnt afford and that i was on my honeymoon that i didnt want it finally we bought a sampler package that they said we could pay off over 12mths and unlimited times to use it that we could only go certain places on certain dates. Now that i go to use it 2 yrs later they say its expired that i should have read bullet 2 on page 2,456 ha ha and i will see my initial.

they are preying on broke people or people that just want to be left alone and go on with there HONEYMOON!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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R U even still married? I don't think you can blame BG for anything.

The biggest problem with this world today is no one wants to take responibility for their actions.

I hope you do not have kids as you obviously would be a bad example! You negate the people who have legitimate complaints.


While I concur with mooch about going on a timeshare tour on a honey moon (what were you thinking man...?) And even had to side with Bill's comment about Page 2, I have to agree that Bluegreen's sales methods are unnecessarily high-pressure and their customer service is well below standards. I made the sampler work for me by confirming all my reservations within three days after I made the purchase.

This is one of those painful life lessons where buyer must beware because, candidly, Bluegreen is in it for the money. I don't fault them for the business but point with serious disdain at their business practices.


You went on a TIMESHARE tour on your HONEYMOON. :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset

She must be a very special lady!!!!

LOSER! :cry :cry :cry

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #19674

Not page 2456 - page 2. Don't blame Bluegreen simply because you didn't listen in the closing or read ANY of the materials that clearly lay out the guidlines of the program!

We LOVED our Sample program - vacationed 5 days in Daytona Beach and 6 days in Myrtle Beach. We became full members over 3 years ago and have had seven more great vacations.

Bill & Janet Bonnell

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