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After reading most of the complaints here I am not suprised since my husband and I have owned going on 4 years now and just upgraded to find out we have been lied to. The last two times we have been on vacation once to Pigeon Forge Tennessee the sales person told us we should upgrade since they did not offer every other year programs anymore and then to Carolina Grande in Myrtle Beach,SC where we were told how wonderful being a member of Travelers Plus is and how we could do so much more if we were still members.

We turned down upgrading in Tennessee that was smart, but then in Myrtle Beach we got screwed again. We upgraded because we were told "now you can book through World for any Bluegreen resort for 300-500 points per night depending on the room you choose" That sounded great to me, guess what "NOT" they only offer some of Bluegreen Resorts and none in SC.

So now we are paying double what we were paying and double the maintance fees every year for maybe one weeks vacation every year in the Ultra high red season. If anyone is thinking about buying a Bluegreen Timeshare please don't you Will REGRET IT!!

Owners if you visit Carolina Grande sales department for an UPDATE let Darlene Miller and Lance Rollins know that they are FRAUDS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Roanoke, Virginia, United States #944141

I feel your pain! I paid off my 1st mortgage of which the payment was $126.00 now, I'm paying $245.00and my maintenance fees are over one thousand dollars.

REALLY... They tell you Bluegreen will se it for you... *** they won't even buy it FROM you??? Once I pay it off Ill never upgrade again.

I do vacation once a year but you have to book a year in advance to get what you want!! Do the math... At $245.00 a month and over $1000.00 maintenance fees.. That is a freakin expensive one week vacation!!

The interest on these mortgages are sky high and you CANT give it back & wLk awY or they ruin your credit!! No more!!!


Myradawn, since you refuse to pay the only way you will be "rid" of it is when Bluegreen foreclose on you after they have sent in the debt collectors

If you dont want them to foreclose then pay what you owe and put it on ebay saying you will pay all costs


How the heck do I get out of Bluegreen.. Two years..

never used the thing.. traveled plenty - they just couldn't accomodate us because of being booked. I refuse to even pay them anymore..

I'm done with them!! They are horrible!!


Well they were great help to us caint wait to vaca with them


When I'm actually able to book a resort (silver membership), I refuse to go to the owner "updates". Recently, while staying at the Casa Del Mar in Ormond Beach, FL, I had a very pushy sales rep from the Daytona Seabreeze resort call my room and badger me for about 10 minutes to attend the update.

I kept saying "No" and she kept pushing, saying there was no pressure to buy and they would buy me and my wife dinner. I kep stating that I came on vacation to relax and not be hassled for more money and that I was very displeased with the availability of the majority of their resorts, and she still kept trying to convince me to attend.

I finally hung up on her. This will be the practice I adopt from now on.


After a stay at a bluegreen resort and sitting thru the 4 hours of BS oh did I say 4 hours thats right if you THINK its 90 min. Your in for a ride, plus if you say you don not want this *** of a 20,000 point system for 30k thats right 30k for what a piece of paper that says you have points to use, oh by the way what if you die,get ill,cant afford it anymore I think you are SCREWED , plus if you try to leave after you say no thank you, they got pissed and called me and my wife liars.

They will avoid the price of it as long as they can till the end of the session.I saw so many get screwed in that session.WARNING its your money and life but unless you want to buy something you cant touch till ????? then thats your business.oh last thing you will need to pay your maintenance fee of $1,200 per year thats for keeping up your home,thats right your piece of paper that you bought for 30k - by the way if they go out of business YOU still have your piece of paper.

Why would bass pro shop work with these people ?


I own bluegreen. i used world hotels to go to europe and had a good experience.

It is when I go to the updates that I get stressed about my ownership. As far as timeshares go I am glad to have some choice and variation in vacation. Not knowing that my points depreciated to (blue,white, red) after the first year was FRUSTRATING.

Also, why do i have to buy yet more points to get on the every other year program where my points are top points for the two years? Is anyone considering class action suit to get the best benefits without having to buy yet more points?


Bluegreen's sales methods are unnecessarily high-pressure and from my personal experience, their customer service on property is well below standards. While I wouldn't say Bluegreen is a scam, this is one of those painful life lessons where buyer must beware because, candidly, Bluegreen is in it for the money.

I don't fault them for the business but point with serious disdain at their ethics and business practices. Think twice before attending this, or any, timeshare presentation.


Because of medical reasons, my husband and I were unable to travel most of our 1 year with the sampler package. When I called the beginning of May to try to get travel in by the end of may, I was told all was booked.

I was told at the time of sign up that off-site accomidations are available if availablility is not when you want to travel. They told me they don't do that anymore. They were willing to work with me on travel in either September or October. I called again...

and again was told that the weekend I wanted was booked. So as a 3rd choice I got another weekend. I was told that because this was passed my 1 year it would have to get approved and they would call me back. Month calls...

another month no calls... I FINALLY call... and what am I told... it "wasnt in thier computer and everything is booked that weekend"!

How freaky convient!! I am sooo sick of the run around. I paid every month, never once missing a payment... and how am I repaid...

by not even getting to travel MY THIRD CHOICE WEEKEND! This is all ONE BIG SCAM!!!!! Travel at thier convience, not your own.. have Owner Services members LIE...

all the want is the money.. they dont care about anyone but the bottom line.

I WILL NEVER in my life get involved in this time-share scam again! It may sound good in the beginning, but unless you let them control your life, it is pointless.


I will NEVER!! get invilved with another time share PERIOD!!

Instead I chose to go "All Inclusive" I chose where, and when I want to go, and for how long, that's it, and EVERYTHING is paid for even the DRINKS and MEALS ...

...... So ya'll just keep getting LIED to and RIPPED off by these phoney resorts, and I'll enjoy my vacation in Jamaica for 7 nights Airfare included, 2 adults = $2675.00 8) Just look up "All Inclusive Resorts" it's the ONLY way to go :zzz

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #27638

come on you didnt fall for the sales pitch again at your owners update,

didnt you do your homework first since you have already been thro an update you should have know the catches pity you did not upgrade thro resale .

we have just been to the same place for our upgrade on monday 28th july (we were at Seaglass Tower for 11 nights) i had them running round in circles trying to get us to buy more points but i just Took my $100 and left them to work out how I was going to get to Platinum

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