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We were called and told we had won a sweepstakes and asked to come in person to claim our prize. I don't even know when we put in a form, but when we arrived it was, of course, a sales presentation. We went in fully intending to just listen to the presentation and leave.

However, the idea that we could take our very large family on vacations was very appealing.

We were very direct with the salesman. We told him up front that we have SEVEN (7!) children and that we would always need larger accomodations. We asked if this was possible. He of course told us YES, absolutely. Just make your reservations as far out as possible.

He was right...if you call 11 months out you can find a place large enough for our family. In Montana or possibly Michigan.

We told him that we have the other children only in the summer (usually weeks 22-27) and at Christmas (weeks 50-51). Again, he said that's no problem. You'll always be able to find a place big enough for your family if you make your reservations in advance.

Again, he was right. IF we want to go to Montana or Michigan.

The problem is that he sold us 12,000 points bi-annually (we really told him we just can't afford this plan but he was very high pressure and really kept pushing the "buy now or never" routine so we finally caved) and assured us that even though we didn't have a lot of points, we could easily take a vacation every other year with our family.

Okay...just where, exactly, are we going to go? All nine of us? We require at least three bedrooms around summer or winter - the peak times.

The idea of this was to save money. Yes, we could go to Montana in the summer. But how are we going to get there from Indiana? Flying defeats the purpose of the "money saving timeshare" and is something we specifically discussed with both the salesman and his manager first! We can't exactly fly nine people across the country to use what essential turns out to be a hotel room. Driving? Do you have any idea how long it takes to drive from Indiana to Montana...with seven children?

We bought the plan not to enjoy tropical vacations, but specifically (again, we were direct with the salesman) to use the locations in Missouri. They just happen to be conveniently located right between where five of the kids live (Oklahoma) and Indiana.

We were very, very clear and direct. We wanted to stay in Missouri. He assured us, time and again, that this was possible. He showed us pictures, told us all about the amenities.

But never points tables. Never floor plans.

Because the only one of the three Missouri locations big enough to accomodate 9 people costs 48,000-52,000 points per week. The other two only accomodate 8 at the most.

We were told when we left after purchasing our timeshare that we had three days to review the information online and decide to cancel without penalty.

The only problem? We didn't get access to the website until a month later. In fact, we just got our RCI packet with our membership number two weeks ago!

I can understand people being at fault if they expect last minute accomodations and don't reserve in advance. I can understand the buyer being at fault if they don't understand how their maintenance fees work, and that they will go up and be lifelong.

But we were sold something where the salesman blatantly lied to us. We were told that this program would work for us, but it won't!

For us, this wasn't a money-making investment. It was an opportunity to finally vacation with our enormous family. But now, it's a drain on our monthly income, and a once-a-year slam with maintenance fees (yes, I appreciate that they're lower than average, but that doesn't make me happier when I can't even use my timeshare in the first place).

Is there any way to get out of this *** thing? At this point, I'd take a loss of a few thousand just to save myself money in the long run. Is there anyone I can complain to about their business practices to get out of this only minus the payments I've already made? Can anyone help?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I recently took advantage of a marketing package to the Fountains in Orlando. The 4 nights for the price was good. The catch is I had to attend an owners update. This started out as a very friendly review of what we had. Then we were told that there were several changes being made and the only way to take advantage of them was to do a mandatory upgrade and the min upgrade was 5000 points. My wife and I turned that down. Then the hadsell double team started. Mary Martin was our sales rep and she brought in her manager who insulted and belittled us for not understanding the benefits we would be giving up. He left to "notify corporate". He returned with a 4000 point offer. We declined. I told Mary that I felt insulted and it was time to end this and that the salesmanager had beeter not return. Now another sale rep moved in to advise we could by 3000 points and take advantage of the upgrade. We did finally take advantage of the 3000 points to upgrade the contract, get it to an annual contract and get the unlimited RCI bonus time. Mary told us that the 4000 bonus points we would get for the upgrade were unrestricted. The form was not given to us until the next day and they were exactly what I had told her were worthless to me. The could only be used during blue or white weeks. I returned the next day to speak with Mary and all I got was I thought they were unrestricted. I was lied to in this case about the points that had to be purchased and the bonus points. When I originally bought I was lied to as well about how the bi annual contracts worked.

I have never had a problem that wasn't taken care of with the Resorts, but the Sales department are several steps under the stereotyped used car salesman. They lie and smile and smile and lie just to make the sale.

I have now filed a complaint with the Florida, Virginia and Nevada attornies general. I have not heard back from any of them. I expect Virginia will respond the quickest as I live in Virginia and Know the current Attorney General.

My best advise is expect to be lied to and ask for written verification of everything you are told and read it carefully. The bright spot in this incident at the Fountains is that I placed a digital recorder on the table and recorded the entire discussion. That was snet with each of my complaint letters.


Bluegreen UPDATE- LAWSUIT FILED BY ATTORNEY GENERAL IN PA.-Check it out and let you voice be heard!!

Go to this website and file a report immediately

I also recommend the Yahoo group. But Montana and Michigan are not your only options if you want room for 10 - there's also Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia, off the top of my head. (We have five kids but I've looked into adding my parents and sister to some trips.)

Your salesman may have straight-out lied - ours did - but OTOH he may have thought you could get one of the sleeps-eight units in Branson (there are a few, same price as the sleeps six) and have someone sleep on the floor. Against the rules, but people do it.

We stretch our points by taking two or three days to drive out and only using Bluegreen for Monday through Thursday nights (Monday check in, Friday check out), which in Branson would mean we could have one suite for six and one for four at a total cost of 4700 points peak season. Add in Friday night and it's 10450 points for five nights in the two units. Going Sunday night to Thursday night it's 7500 - it's Friday and Saturday nights that are killer, points-wise.

This works for us because we pack meals ahead of time and then stay in cheaper motels for a few days out and back; I look up parks with cool playgrounds and free museums and whatnot and we only have to drive five or six hours a day, which is a lot easier on the kids when going anywhere but the Michigan or Wisconsin resorts.

If you only stay in the Branson one for the four days, or add Sunday, you could use the left over points for a four day stay in MI or WI (WI has 10-person condos as well) the alternate year. Much shorter drive. :)

Or, again, you could check out the yahoo group and see if someone more experienced has better suggestions. We just got our sampler this fall but that's how I've stretched our 9000 points to three family vacations (sleeping 8) and a weekend without the kids. The weekend in the 1-BR is costing us twice what some of the longer stays for eight cost.

Yes, join the may find a way to sell your points and/or find a way to make your points more useable for your family!

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #44223

I will be the first to hold my hand up and say yes you were lied to,and unlike most of the complaints on here you did ask the right questions.

Before anyone starts over again I do not work for BG but are a happy owner, and yes I have had many a run in with them but have always sorted things out.

The best advice is to join the Bluegreen group on yahoo.

Here you will get some good and usful info and yes you will be able to use your points maybe the best will be to exchange with RCI

Join please and check it out

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