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We went to the Bluegreen presentation at The Fountains in 2010. We didn't buy the full package, but bought 10,000 points every other year.

We talked to the representatives at length about the package we were buying, and everything sounded good. It is a year later and we have maintenance fees that are twice the amount we were told they would be. We also have had half of our points disappear from our account. When I called Bluegreen about this, they said effective Jan.

2011 we should have requested them to be put into a "savings" so they could be used (only in the off season too). When I told them we were NEVER told about this, they said they sent out a mass email (mass not including us apparently...) We had to pay $50 MORE to get our points back that WE ALREADY OWNED. Also, if you go to the presentation, do not listen when the man says your points expire every 3 years. It's 2 years.

Don't listen to how the investment is wonderful because you can use your points anytime, anywhere. They talk about old timeshares that had you using your time on a certain week and if you didn't use it you lost it. Well theirs isn't any better. You can only use HALF of your points whenever, wherever you want.

They aren't going to tell you this though. Now, the ones you can use anytime, you will never find anything open.

Please avoid this scam. They might as well have sold me oceanfront property in Arizona...

Monetary Loss: $12.

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well guys it looks as if miss piggy has got some of you going off on one ,good for her.

some of these complaints are so incredable you have to smile


Wow the employees are *** wack jobs I'm going to a Bg

resort and presentation if anyone talks to me like that *** we ate gonna have problems


Oh darling Miss Piggy Darling, honeybuns, you need to come to grips with the fact that you, as an employee of Bluegreen, really shouldn't assume (what do they say about that sugar dumpling sweetie cheeks) we don't know what you are up to in terms of company damage control.


I have always been satisfied with BG, but I have just run into the problem you describe. I read everything BG sends, never received anything about this "saving" points.

What's more you are right, you can't use the points for desirable times or places. I think BG used to be a useful program, but now -- money is their priority, not providing resorts.


Never had a problem. The system is very simple.

If u have problem - CALL the 800 number and they will help. The resorts r very nice and much better then a motel room.


jen darling just learn how to use it and even you will find it very very simple, why buy a timeshare if you just want to rent it, to be honest with mf of $800 you do not have enough points to be renting out . The system is so very very simple


Really Miss Piggy darling...... Bluegreen has been nothing but complicated from day one.

when we joined 8 years ago we were told that they would rent our points with no hassel they would take 20 percent for doing the work. Yeah well that never happened, when we contacted them they said they don't do that anymore. Really 6 months after we buy you dont offer that anymore. So we were told selling would be an option also yeah ok there is no selling your timeshare.

When we want to go on Vaction there is always some stipulations with our points ect. Wish we never got bought what a heartache its been. the dues OMG 800 dollars! when we bought we paid just under 400 and we have a mortgage of 250 dollars a month!

We get phone calls atleast once to twice a month from scam people saying they have a buyer. Why doesnt blue green or any other timeshare assist with selling back the timeshare?

So I agree with the last persons post. same issue.


Darling how wrong you are your points do not lose there value on the bed post over night with every other year points you do get an extra year out of them, in the first year you can use all your points in any season (this darling means you are using points you have not paid mf on you silly lump) the second year half your points are any season and any remaining from your first half become saved on your third year any points from the second lot of your points then become saved.

You pay your base fee like all memebers in Trust Fund e each year but your mf are only half those of every year points so in effect you pay the same as having 5000 every year points but have 10000 points to use in your first year. Now darling you are sooo sooooo silly you must never ever check your online account this my darling is not an asumtion because to assume makes an *** out U and ME, why to I know this my little honeybun because if you had checked your account you would have found out all about saving points ,how to save them and at what cost.

So my little darling honeybun you have not got to grips with what you bought have you, and darlings you can find reservation any time of the year but You have to admit that that 5000 yearly or 10000 every other year will not get you a week at The Fountains and darling we all know that you are fully awear of this The Fountains takes 13000 off peak and 16000 peak.

You paid $50 "to get your points back " now if you had been at all bothered and checked your online account you could have saved yourself a nice $15.

All this information has been availble my darling since early 2011 just like you were told by BG , it was emailed in the owners update it was in Colorful places in was on the home page of Bluegreenonline and it is there on your accounts page in multi technical color (alright darling I am getting carried away) it is there in Black and white for all to see

Do not blame anyone else but your self darling learn how to use what you have bought and then enjoy enjoy enjoy

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