Sherwood, Arkansas

We just fedexed our cancellation letter and all materials that were provided. We had purchased only $7000 points to keep MF low because we were told we could reserve a couple of days using points when they were low and pay the cheap bouns time rate on weekends.

I have been researching and quite by accident discovered that you can only book bonus time 45 days out. I would say the likelyhood having anything available would be slim to none. 45 days was never mentioned and is not in writing anywhere. Just says reservation rules aopply.

Deposit check cleared out bank today. Wondering how long it will take to get that money back.

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where have you been wanting to go ? lots of availabilty there is even an offer on to use saved points for summer peak times a some resorts, club 36 Vegas,world golf in Florida and Falls village


So has anyone successfully sued or has a class action suit going on?? We have not been able to go anywhere in 3 years !! Must get out of this!!!

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