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The sales experience felt slimey from the very beginning. The salesperson at Bass Pro Shop told me that if I did not fill out the Customer Service Survey for him that he would not get paid for selling me the vacation package.

He neglected to tell me that all of the activities he described in the area of Lincoln, New Hampshire at the South Mountain Resort are closed for another month, which left very little to do while we were vacationing. He also explained that we would get to choose the time for which we were obligated to attend the timeshare presentation, which was not the case. When we arrived, we were given the most inconvenient time, 2:00 on Saturday. Even if there were things open and available for us to do, we could not go and enjoy those things because we were obligated to attend in the middle of the day.

We did not get to stay in an updated, remodled "villa" instead, we were given a room that had not been upgraded which was uncomfortable and out-dated. When we attended the timeshare presentation, the salesperson was un-prepaired, not good at math and hard of hearing. This made communicating with him unpleasent. The room that the presentation was being given in was uncomfortably hot.

After being given a tour of the hotel and of the upgraded and newly remodeled villa, the salesperson told us that he would speak to a manager and help us change rooms (he never did) Towards the end of the presentation, we were dissappointed that we could not see any of the resorts for RCI, for the overseas locations. Of the 59 resorts owned by Bluegreen, there were very few locations in the United States that my husband and I are interested in going, as we prefer to travel outside the US. When we explained this to the salesperson, they argued that Bluegreen was still a good deal for us because we can transfer the points over to RCI for a rediculous $189 fee. If this is the case, My husband and I have to question why we wouldn't just go with a company like RCI instead...

I was also dissappointed that Bluegreen's sales tactics are of the "Buy it today or you won't get the deal" variety. At the beginning of the presentation, the salespeople say that there is no pressure to sign up, but by the end of it, if you aren't sure, or you are un-interested, you end up with two salespeople practically harrassing you to sign up. It would be nice if Bluegreen would extend their offers of all the added bennefits for at least 15 days after their sales presentations. This would give people the opportunity to walk away with dignity, talk it over with their spouses and decide if the program is right for them, their lifestyle and their budget.

It would also allow Bluegreen to honor their "no pressure policy". Many couples don't like to make large financial decisions like the purchase of a timeshare on the spot. After being harrassed by the salespeople, my husband and I were very turned of and we left the salesroom. While we were standing in the lobby, I looked back and saw that the salespeople were talking about us.

Overall, we felt like the entire experience was a waste of our time and money. We plan to let people know about our poor experience with Bluegreen so they do not have the same experience as we did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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RCI is an exchange company that is used by all the major timeshare companys and they always charge a fee, there are other exchange companys which are a better deal. RCI do also operate RCI points you may well be better off with this if you want to travel overseas.

If you do not intend using the timeshare that you would own then just buy several fixed weeks on the resale market and then exchange through RCI.

You must take some of the responsibilty yourself , it was up to you to do your homework before going to the presentation ,you should have had at least the basics of timeshare and how exchanges work since this information is available 24/7 these days.

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